Could Eddie Murphy Host SNL this Season?

Sarah Silverman, Bill Hader, Chris Rock... and maybe...Eddie Murphy?

Lots of former cast members have comeback to host "Saturday Night Live". The obvious reason is, for the fact that it's on it's 40th season. 

With Silverman and Hader already hosted and Rock hosting on November 1st, I expect plenty more of SNL's alumni to host. If Silverman and Rock host, why not bring back more oldies. So if they continue this trend, is there a chance that the most successful SNL cast member of all-time, host as well? 

Talk about record breaking, ratings. I don't know what SNL's highest rated show, but you can bet Eddie Murphy hosting would be up there as one of the highest rated SNL shows of all-time. Hard to top Murphy on live television, doing sketches. The Academy Awards almost knew how that felt. 

No host can draw the potential ratings Murphy could put up. 

Who would be the musical guest, if Murphy hosts? Jay-Z? Kanye West? Murphy and West SNL would be pretty dope. But too much ego for one show -- not sure if they'd both agree on it. I mean, it's possible they could... 

Was there a long tenured issue between Murphy and SNL? Yes, there was. 

Murphy held a grudge against SNL for years, about a SNL sketch in 1995, where he was called a "falling star", right around the time he released a movie called "Vampire In Brooklyn". 

Murphy felt betrayed by that comment. For an interview he did with Rolling Stone magazine, he said: "What really irritated me about it at the time was that it was a career shot". 

Thinking about it now, that was shady of SNL. And Lorne Michaels not telling his writers to not televise that, was pretty messed up for guy who helped put the show on the map. Bashing him for a movie that grossed close to $20 million dollars? Sounds like a little jealousy, which is a word that's hard to call an empire like SNL. 

Although, Murphy has said he's buried the hard feelings. He did come on (at the time is was called) the "Late Night Show" with Jimmy Fallon, a couple years, which Fallon's studio is held in 30 Rock. So maybe he has squash things, a little. 

When Spike TV had the "Eddie Murphy - One Night Only" special, current SNL cast member Jay Pharoah was part of a video tribute on the show. You can say, that's another good sign of things smoothing over. 

I hope everything is okay, between SNL and Murphy. Or Michaels and Murphy. 

If Murphy were to host SNL, I'd have to predict it'd be on the season finale of season 40. Can't have anyone host after Mr.FuckYouMan!

The season finale would be in 2015. Making it twenty years since that "falling star" comment... Be a nice way to end 40-years of Saturday Night Live.