DWTS Making "Has Beens" Look Good, Again

For years now, we've seen these shows and/or reality shows, have these celebrities who 'use to be' famous. And it didn't look good for them. Especially the stars who were really famous at one point. Seeing a celebrity who was mega star at one point, then seeing them on reality shows doing foolish things just to make a few thousands, was sad to see.

But "Dancing With The Stars" I feel, is changing that. At the beginning, sure, they did look like one of those shows for the former 1980s star whose been through drugs and needs money. But not anymore. I believe "Dancing With The Stars" is beginning to revolutionize that part of Hollywood. They're bringing that celebrity -- who 'use to be' famous -- back to life, again. And not in an embarrassing way.

DWTS has gotten bigger and bigger, each year. It has become one of the top rated shows on Monday nights; it became one of the top rated shows on Mondays for reason -- they don't cheap out on their viewers. Every Monday, they give an entertaining show.

They sell sex very well, with their hot girl dancers, like Peta Murgatroyd (whose probably one of the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my entire life) and Sharna Burgess (whose a hot spit fire).

Then their judges, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, Carrie Ann Inabe, have a lot of character and are very likable. The hosts, Tom Bergeron: whose excellent at what he does and is very funny, and Erin Andrews: probably the best female sports reporter. A lot of high character people, with also lots of credibility.

A bevy of big name musicians perform in the show, as well.

Almost forgetting to mention how talented these dancers are. They work hard and legitimately love what they do. I respect that. They've also made names for themselves from this show.

Personally, I was never a fan of DWTS, but my family sorta got me into it. I would never watch a show like this, though it's okay. It's not excruciating. I'm beginning to respect how the producers put a show for the viewers. Because there's a lot of garbage on television, today - a ton!

Now "Dancing With The Stars" has become a real life changer for those celebrities who are struggling with their careers. They're beginning to revive careers. And it's good to see. Especially a celebrity I watched growing up, Alfonso Ribeiro.

To me, Riberio doesn't look like a 'has been' star on DWTS. Doesn't look like a irrelevant, washed up celebrity -- he seems to me like the same talent we've seen for twenty years, from dancing with Michael Jackson on a Pepsi commercial (who gets to say that?) and Will Smith's hilarious cousin on "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Really hope he gets a big break, after this.

DTWS has done a tremendous job in building a show that's helping others. The show is not only reviving careers from the past, they're starting careers for the young celebrity whose trying to make their name. So, they help out the old and the new, which is pretty unique.

I witness how the past famous celebs, get to - not only - grow their careers from being on television again, but they're with young stars, too, who have a young demographic watching them. That too, helps them a lot. They're not just with other 'past-famous celebs'.

A 'past-famous celeb show' were difficult to watch, back then. "Dancing With The Stars" is making those 'past-famous celebs' look like stars, again. That's success.