How About Markakis on the Yankees?

Sure his numbers have decline in past years, but I'll take him in pinstripes.

According to senior writer Jon Heyman, the Baltimore Orioles are expected to decline Nick Markakis' option for 2015 and elect him to become a free agent this offseason.

As a Yankee fan, when I watch the Orioles face the New York Yankees, I disliked seeing Markakis batting with men on bases -- because almost every time, including this season, he'd get that runner home. He'll either pull a homerun or go the other way.

Markakis has always been a thorn on the Yankees' side. Like I said, he'd either get a clutch RBI hit or start an inning with a hit that's rally to big inning for the Orioles.

People who want to disagree on signing Markakis, right away, go to his stats -- and how his homeruns, RBIs have gone down through the past years. Personally to be honest, I didn't know his power numbers went down. When I saw him play against the Yankees these past couple of years, I thought he's become better as a player; a smarter player.

It's not always about stats. It shouldn't be about stats, all the time, with Yankees. It should be about if the player can get it done. I believe Markakis could get it done in the Bronx and possibly be an important piece to a championship run.

Markakis is a contact hitter. This season, he only had 84 strikeouts (which is pretty amazing for lefty hitter). The little things like that I'm interested in. You know with runners on, he's gonna put the bat to the ball.

He batted .280 against lefties and .274 against righties -- making it difficult for opposing managers to make pitching changes. Especially if he played in Yankee Stadium. He can go yard against a right hander, or go the opposite way on a lefty. Left field in Yankee Stadium is pretty deep, which can cause him to have a lot more hits in left in the Bronx than in Camden Yards.

Yes, his power has declined. He had 14-homers this season with 50 RBIs. OF COUSRE, I'm gonna bring up how his power and he would explode if he play for the Yankees, with that short porch in right. And it could! He can sprout from 14 to 20 homeruns with the Yankees, easily.

In 2014, Markakis batted .317 in Yankee Stadium, with 2 homeruns, 8 RBIs and 13 hits.

Markakis has one of the most lethal arms in the outfield. Yankees would definitely improve their defense with him in right.

Markakis doesn't have to be the complete player in order to successful -- that's what I like about him. He's a hard-nosed player. Yankees need more of those type of players. Imagine putting him to bat right behind Jacob Ellsbury -- they can be a pain for opposing pitchers to put away. And that's before the pitcher sees Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann and Alex Rodriguez.

It's not a sure thing if he'll become a free agent, but if he does, I hope the Yankees are interested.