Yankees: Enough! Bring Up the Youngsters

I've seen enough! Watching this year's postseason with these young, brash, up incoming teams with vibrant young stars, tells me all I need to know what the Yankees need to do in 2015.

No, I'm not saying the Yankees should give up and begin losing every year -- I'm saying, it's time to just bring up young kids into the majors. Bring them up and let them try to win a job at spring training.

What's the use of signing the 'Kelly Johnsons' or 'Brian Roberts' of the world, when those guys might not last with the team throughout the whole year, while the kids the Yankees have in the minors might do better, or might surprising become something special without even knowing it.

Who cares if they aren't a 'can't miss' prospect -- still, bring them up! Maybe in the majors, they'll gain fire and learn from the current veteran players.

The prospect doesn't have to be 'can't miss' in order for them to prosper in the majors. I know this for a fact. You know why? Because before the Yankees called Francisco Cervelli in 2009, he was batting .190 in double-A. Now remember, he was brought up because Jorge Posada and Jose Molina were both injured. Since then, look what Cervelli has done with the Yankees. He's become one of the most important Yankees in the past couple of years and fiery player from behind the plate.

If it wasn't for Brian McCann, Cervelli would be the starting catcher.

That's why the Yankees have to start experimenting their younger talent. And that's why the Yankees need to bring up players like Rob Refsnyder and Aaron Judge, NEXT SEASON!

Refsnyder might have a serious shot at winning a job and playing with the Yankees next season. As for Judge, he might not, but he should have a chance to win a job with the team come 2015.

Judge, this season in single and double A, hit 17-homeruns with 78 rbis and batted .308. BRING HIM UP! Bring him up while he's hot. Don't wait t'll he's 25, when his talent diminishes, then you can't trade him. He's 22-years old; that's old enough.

Judge reminds me of Giancarlo Stanton. Not saying he will be Stanton, but he can be.

Don't give me this 'he's not ready yet' -- please. You know how many times I heard that about Austin Jackson and then I saw him lead the league in average in his first year with the Detroit Tigers.

It's not like the Yankees don't have a 'win now' team. They do. Barring those crucial injuries from this season, Yankees probably make the playoffs. They won 84 games; four more wins and they're tied with the Oakland Athletics' record.

Judge is a player who can learn from other veteran players. He's a big, power hitting right-handed bat -- oh yea, aren't the Yankees getting back a veteran, right-handed, hall of fame, power bat next season? By the name of Alex Rodriguez? Maybe Rodriguez can take Judge under his wing and guide him.

Bringing up players like Judge and Refsnyder to play with A-Rod, McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran -- guys who've been through it all in the MLB and in the postseason, would only help and teach those young players to become stars for the Yankees.

Witnessing what's going on in this year's postseason, with Kansas Royals (mostly), St.Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants -- Yankees have to do what they're doing. It's been already known for a while the Yankees needing to get younger, but you notice how vibrant and energetic these young players play in the big moment in October. They relish in these moments. Unlike some of these overpaid veterans. Maybe those young players can loosen up those vets.

The reason why Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams became the great postseason players they did, was because they had other veteran players like Tino Martinez, Paul O'neill, Scott Brosius, David Cone, Joe Girardi, surround them and guide them. If they were alone with other young prospects, they wouldn't have had all that success.

Yankees had young talent mixed with older veterans, in the late 1990s. Now they need to do that again.

Bring up Refsnyder, Judge and even Manny Banuelos. Bring them all up!