We Need a New Gangster T.V Series

"The Sopranos" was the best television series, ever made and it's dearly missed.

"Breaking Bad" was the best series since "The Sopranos" and that too is also greatly missed.

"Boardwalk Empire" is the best 'gangster/mob/drug trafficing' t.v series today (in my view) but it's sadly coming to an end.

You know what this means? "HBO" or "AMC" need to start working on a new mob, gun, drug drama series.

Right now, I'm into "Boardwalk Empire" because it's last great series still going and it's about powerful mobsters from New York City. Also it being based from the 1920s makes me like it more because it reminds me of the movie "The Godfather".

People like myself who like these types of series or movies, want to be 'that guy' in the role. They want to be "Walter White, Tony Soprano or Nucky Thompson". Especially us fellas from New York. We obviously don't wanna do what these characters do in real life (I'm saying that with a straight face), but we dream of playing these types of characters on a role.

If you notice, some of these series and even sitcoms became successful because the characters on the show have bad mannerisms or are simply imperfect. The sitcom "Seinfeld" was about these characters doing and saying uncharming things. "Two In A Half Men" (with Charlie Sheen, not Ashton Kutcher) was another successful sitcom that was based drunks, hookers and a dumb witted little kid. That's what people like. People don't like the perfect, corny little kid whose says perfect things all the time. They want "Jake Harper" -- he's what real little kids act like.

Imperfection and leading criminal roles, are the keys to successful television.

Some producer out there is gonna need to put together a new criminal series, for 'that guy' whose like me. We need it! I need it! Look what "The Sopranos" did -- it revolutionized all t.v series today. They took t.v series wave to a whole different level. It is rated as the greatest written show of all-time.

Then look what "Breaking Bad" did. It captured the world; and ironically, it started right after "The Sopranos" ended. It picked up the ball.

Then came "Boardwalk Empire" -- which is not as great as Sopranos/Breaking, but I think it is successful. The writers and producers did ruin it a tad, when they killed off big characters in the beginning, like "Jimmy Darmody" and not having "Richard Harrow" at the of the last season. That was a big mistake.

What I love about "Nucky Thompson": he's this powerful, dangerous, whore-fucker guy, but is also very smart. He's dangerous and SMART. That's a lethal combination. I don't think I can be Walter White and sure as hell not big and tough as Tony Soprano, but I feel like I can be Nucky. I have a chance, in this life, to be Nucky Thompson...lol.

"Boardwalk Empire" brought the authenticity to what real corporate empires are. How they abuse their power in this world. Of course it's not as bad now as they demonstrated it in the 1920s. But there's still corruption in these big markets, today.

Another thing too, (and I just thought about this) people don't like when the main, criminal character is better looking than them. Bryan Cranston, James Gandolfini and Steve Buscemi are...handsome men... But they don't look like Brad Pitt. And that's a good thing. Some shows who try to mimic these characters, they try to add sex appeal with the main character -- and it doesn't work. The guy who watches these shows look like Walter, Tony and Nucky. That's why they relate and dream what these characters do. Again -- it's all about imperfection.

What I'm gonna do after "Boardwalk Empire" is gone? I only have seven episodes left of "Mad Men" -- and that's not enough.

Please, any of you producers out there, make a new Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire series, soon!