#TBT Music Video of the Day...

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHCdS7O248g]

Blondie - "Rapture" 1981

For all you teens listening to Nicki Minaj rap, you probably didn't know Debbie Harry was the first female rapper.

Back in 1981, "Rapture" was a revolutionary music video. Reason why, because Harry rapped on a music video that was broadcast on MTV. That was the first time hip-hop was shown on a mainstream channel.

In this time, MTV didn't have rap videos. Hip-hop didn't hit mainstream yet, in 1981, until Blondie came out with "Rapture".

Most people say Debbie Harry was the first white rapper. And she kinda is, since there were no white rappers in the early 80's. Vanilla Ice showed up in the early 90's.

We're kinda seeing this now from MTV. Well, MTV doesn't show music videos at all, but they sure don't have any hip-hop performances at the "Video Music Awards", unless your name is Jay-Z or Kanye West.

1:55 is when Harry begins to rap. And no, the guy with her is not Kid Cudi. Lol. I know he looks just like him. Also, that guy is actually late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Nowadays, MTV will show a teen band perform or pop music, before showing any hip-hop. Like I said, you have to Jay-Z or Kanye to be on their channel. It's almost like MTV is going backwards.

Sometimes I think MTV is the key to brining back music. How? Just by intertwining music genres in one channel and having top-10 music video shows, like MTV use to have with "TRL". Then some television producers would say: "oh, we don't need to do that since people would watch it on YouTube" -- no! We still need to have music videos on television.

If television can televise these stupid music competition-shows, that are old and boring already, they can show music videos on a primetime hour.

Music videos are important. Look what "Rapture" did to hip-hop...