Yankees: Who Goes, Stays, Enters & Replaces...

It's the end of an era, for good. Now with the great Derek Jeter gone, those core of players through that twenty year run has sadly come to an end.

Now, it's time for the New York Yankees to rebuild a new era.

No question about it, this is gonna be an interesting offseason for the Yankees. There's some big names on the free market and one huge name on the trading block -- and that 'big name' player whose on the trading block, would love to be a Yankee.

The Best Mid-Season Acquisition

Martin Prado. Glad that his contract extends for another two seasons. I loved his energy, defensive and clutch hitting.

Joe Girardi was on "The Mike Francesa Show" yesterday and he said Prado reminded him a lot of Jorge Posada, with the passion he brings.

With Jeter gone, Prado is now the Yankees perfect two hitter.

Will Brandon McCarthy Return?

Brandon McCarthy will be a free agent, entering this offseason -- and I would personally would love to have him back.

Most likely, Hiroki Kuroda isn't coming back. McCarthy would replace Kuroda, perfectly, with the durability and innings pitched. Might not have the stuff Kuroda has, but a competitor like Kuroda is.

I love McCarthy's personally; Yankees are gonna need a lot that with this new team they're gonna have. He's also grown with the current Yankees. I think it's very important for the Yankees to keep these guys together.

Just hope some team doesn't blow McCarthy away with a contract. He did sell his stock high, pitching with the Yankees. His stock wouldn't be high right now, if he were with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Will Yankees Bring Back Chase Headley?

With Alex Rodriguez returning, I'd still re-sign Chase Headley. A-Rod is not gonna play third base everyday.

Watching Headley on the Yankees in the second half, it seem like he was a leader on the field and off. Sensed this leadership mentality from him that I didn't know he had. From the way he carried himself here, Headley looks like a guy whose trying to make a name for himself in the Bronx. I just thought he was a power, switch-hitting third baseman -- not a leader. He's got a little 90s Yankees, in him.

All the players GM Brian Cashman brought in before the deadline (McCarthy, Prado, Headley) had a leader mentality about them. It seem like when things went wrong, they were pissed about it; they showed their frustration on the field. These three really seem to want to win here, in New York and start new core.

Headley, McCarthy should come back next season, with Prado and with the rest of the team who shared this frustrating season. I think they've grown with each other and next season, if together again, they're gonna something happen.

So I say bring back Headley. I've been screaming to get him here when he was a Padre and now I want him to stay.

Do Yankees Re-Sign David Robertson

I think you have to -- but not for more than three years.

David Robertson was really as the closer, he was just, not, Mariano Rivera. Wasn't perfect.

But if I had a solution to make Robertson better, it would be to make more contact outs. You notice with Robertson, he can only get strikeouts and fly-ball outs. Sure, he'll get a some ground ball outs from time to time, but the reason why Rivera was so great (and people tend to forget) is the way he got weak, groundball outs from batters. It wasn't always the strikeouts -- it was the contact outs that Rivera kept getting.

Robertson has to learn to get those outs, without the strikeout.

The reason why the Yankees might 'have to' re-sign Robertson: They can't just push Dellin Betances to close, after one season. Although, the other problem is, Betances is 26 and gonna be 27 when the season starts. It's not he's this 22-year old that you can leave in the setup role. At that age, with the stuff he has, if another team had him he'd be closing.

This situation is gonna be interesting. Because if Robertson get blown away with an offer, I wonder if the Yankees would top that offer.

Who Replaces an Icon?

By far, this will be the most interesting topic going into the offseason. Because we all know the Yankees aren't gonna put anyone at that position.

To every Yankee fans' mind, if you ask them what shortstop the Yankees will get, the first name that pops up, is: Troy Tulowitzki.

Right now, it's 50/50 whether the Yankees get Tulowitzki or not. No, because: Tulowitzki already has an injured hip, 29-years old and has been injured a lot. Yes, because: He's a star who will draw asses to the seats and boosts ratings. Now I'm not making him out to be just a 'big name' who just draws money, because he's also the best shortstop in the game; and would improve.

From what I heard, the Yankees will be offered Tulowitzki in the offseason by the Colorado Rockies. I don't think he's cost as mush prospects, just more of the Rockies wanting the Yankees to eat up half the money.

Another option at shortstop, would be the Chicago Cubs' shortstop Starlin Castro, who might be on the trading block. He's gonna cost prospects. Not sure if he'd cost the Yankees someone like Betances, but he'd sure cost them one of the Yankees top young catchers.

Castro at 24, seems like the better option for the Yankees. Problem is, no one knows if Castro is legitimately on the block.

If they decided to start Brendan Ryan at short, I wouldn't mind. I like Ryan; I like his clubhouse personality; his defense is superb at short, but he can't hit. But Joe Girardi said yesterday on Mike Francesa's show, Ryan doesn't get consistent at-bats.

Hanley Ramirez will be a free agent this offseason and would be interested in signing with the Yankees to play short and join his old coach, Girardi, who managed him with the Florida Marlins.

Ramirez is an all-around great player, but he's gonna be 32-years old next season. It's not old, though the Yankees don't want Ramirez breaking down at 33 or 34, then he can't play the position anymore. If I'm the Yankees, I'd give Hanley a two or three year deal and that's it. Not going four years.

Alexei Ramirez isn't going to be a free agent until 2016, but would the Chicago White Sox be interested in trading him this offseason?

Yes, Ramirez is 33-years old, but he's very durable. He's played 158-games for the past four seasons. I've always loved his game; he's one of those gutty players you want on your team.

In the next two seasons he'll be receiving $20 million. Yankees can handle that and would an alright deal to have him for two seasons.

Like I said, the search to replace Derek Jeter will be interesting...