SNL Season Premiere: DIVERSITY

It's back! Thankfully. Gives me something to talk about in pop-culture, that I like with actual real talent and that's not crappy, useless, celebrity gossip.

Last night "Saturday Night Live" kicked off it's 40th season premiere, with a brand new looking --everything...basically.

Everything looked so new, on last night's SNL premiere. New cast, intro and new feel. Everything looked so new it made me kinda miss the prior seasons (lol). But change is good; change was needed, on the 40th season of SNL.

First, the new cast: Every new cast member they brought in, was gold, last night. So far, in that one hour and thirty minute show, I loved what I saw. They subtracted and added on the right cast members. Last year, I think they were just testing out some of the new people they brought in last season, just to see what they had. But this year, as you saw, Lorne Michaels was not fucking around and brought in some real talent.

Now this new SNL has a lot of diverse personalities; which I preach daily, about everything, that's on television. You need diversity in music, shows, sitcoms, clothing, life, "etc." SNL is gaining a little of that with this new cast -- and I like it.

What do I mean by diversity? You'll see what I'm talking about.

The overall show was solid -- but fellas, I gotta have more Kate McKinnon...

Chris Pratt Monologue
[hulu id=emfngi4njwii-6qz1gwp6w width=812 height=488]
I'm starting to really like this Chris Pratt guy. I haven't seen too much of his stuff, just a little bit of him on "Parks And Recreation".
Good monologue; nice to see his wife Anna Faris, who I use to have a crush on back in the "Scary Movie" era days.
NFL Cold Open: CNN State

[hulu id=7zfpwzddwtgxhopqps154a width=812 height=488]

You know, if Jay Pharoah is gonna impersonate Shannon Sharpe, can Jay look like him at least. Ad some big teeth and the haircut Sharpe has.
As for Kenan Thompson, he killed the Ray Lewis impersonation. Just like what Thompson does in every sketch he does. Which is gonna be tough to replace.
Too much talent is living New York City. David Letterman, Derek Jeter....Kenan Thompson. Too many.
He-Man and Lion-O

[hulu id=vtxhgv1ed3ill4rjqwztdg width=812 height=488]

Watching this sketch, it amazes me how Taran Killam can carry a sketch all by himself and still make the sketch great. That was Pratt's first sketch and Killam basically carried Pratt. Killam can take the spotlight away from anybody, in a good way (like in this situation). That's why he's the top dog on SNL.
The "Thundercats" were before my time, by the way. Or maybe I had a chance to watch them when I was little and didn't care to.
Bad Boys

[hulu id=yhaqczeds5vjcejfww9x8w width=812 height=488]

Hilarious! More of these, please.
Loved how they made fun the old, cheesy sitcoms of the 80s and 90s. Then making it more funny, with Pratt having little kids as bad friends -- then making it ever more funny, with one of those kids having a gun. LOL. Genius.
And for some reason (I don't if this was meant to be funny) Kyle Mooney standing outside the door when those kids ran out of the house -- crying with laughter, on that part.
Booty Rap

[hulu id=ttuqof1race_o1ruwig8yg width=812 height=488]

Aidy Bryant is just leaving off where she was on last season.
What's so great about Bryant is she can act real sweet and perfect, then turn into this 'gangsta bitch'.
In the beginning, it felt like the sketch was going nowhere. Then all of sudden Bryant was singing her remake of "Anaconda". She's amazing.
Pratt was great too; I don't know what song he was singing, or it was just made up. Nevertheless, he was great too.
This was by far the best sketch of the night.
Weekend Update

[hulu id=jytzdptm5wudpmnrobfffq width=812 height=488]

Michael Che is one of the new bloods on SNL, also the new co-anchor on the Weekend Update table and I really liked him. I just liked the way Che carried himself. On the first line he messed a little, which was probably the best thing to him (and anyone, whose doing a job for the first time) because after that he nailed it. Started to get more relaxed as the show went on.
Che kinda reminds me of Garrett Morris. Real laid back and smooth.
[hulu id=cxnexqkkiza4oirb4sahmq width=812 height=488]

Pete Davidson had a great sketch on Weekend Update; having a stand-up comedy style to his sketch.

Davidson was really good, I just have to see him on a sketch where he's not himself, or playing a character. He's gotta show us that.
SNL did the right thing by getting Davidson whose 20-years old (by the way), who can reach to the younger demographic who've watched him on MTV's "Girl Code" and "Guy Code".
[hulu id=wtpjxa53edumwjh0k80fha width=812 height=488]

Leslie Jones -- I don't know if she's an official cast member, but she should be. Jones is the complete opposite of they brought in last season. Last season, some of those new cast members were boring -- Jones isn't that AT ALL. She's explosive, loud and just what SNL needs for their show not to be a yawn-fest.

Now, with Jones, Davidson and Che, AND, with Colin Jost doing some skits as well, that's a diverse group. Jones is your big, loud, nasty black girl, Che is his own man, Davidson is this corky guy and Colin is this quiet, soft spoken guy. These four are a definite upgrade over the ones they brought in last season. This cast is starting to look like the old SNL, again.

The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation at a Party

[hulu id=fe9angyrsm5arw3iqullmw width=812 height=488]
She's back!
This is who Cecily Strong is. She's not a co-anchor. Some people are, just, good at co-anchoring and some are good at both. But she's just, not good, but great, at being a full-time entertainer.
I'm glad that she's back to doing what she does best. We need Strong to be back to what she was in her first season.