South Park Fallout: New Redskins Logo

Fuck you, everyone! Hope you enjoyed the season premiere of "South Park".

"South Park" enters the new season by helping the NFL with Washington's new Redskins logo (as you see above).

Loved how they went straight toward the NFL and even adding Roger Goodell in the season premiere episode. They actually added the audio from his press conference from the other day, as his voice, which was genius.

In this scene, Goodell was talking to Dan Snyder, the owner of the Redskins, since Snyder was complaining about Eric Cartman stealing the name. 
Also loved Cartman speaking to a group of people, like the owner of Apple introducing the iPhone 6, when he presented the new Redskins logo.

They even cracked a joke about Jerry Jones' eyes being far apart.

"South Park" nailed their premiere; it was very 'today' of what's going in today's pop-culture and it was funny as hell. 
"South Park" has been going strong since I was in public school and it's still damn good today.