Who Really Posted Those Leaked Nudes?

How did this happen? Was it some regular Joe Schmo out there who, somehow, knew the emails of these celebrities? Was it a publicity stunt that celebrities were in on , just to get their name out there? Or...did the media do this?

Couple of weeks ago, there were many female celeb victims who had their nude photos leaked from their phones. Some how, some 'Joe Schmo' knew the emails of these celebrities. How did he get the emails of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Gabrielle Union, Vanessa Hudgens, Meagan Good?

Wouldn't this person have to be someone with ties with other famous people, or people in the television business.

Let's say, for an example (; and I'm not accusing this person of doing this): Harvey Levin of TMZ and all the owners who run these Hollywood gossip shows, decided to secretly hack into these celebrities phones. Would that be out of the question? No, it wouldn't.

And you know why it 'wouldn't' be out of the question? Because how in the hell these paparazzi's find these celebrities. They find them through their phones, where they can see the location that person is. How the hell you think they find these people?

Now, going back to the leaked photos, I just can't see it being some 'guy' doing this. Whoever did it, has to have ties to the media.

The media is television - television runs the world. Without t.v, where do the big boys generate their money. Cable businesses run this country. They can put or take out, whatever they want. They can do some many illegal things and get away with it. Whose gonna stop them.

I love TMZ, I'm a big fan them and I really like Harvey Levin -- but they're owned by Time Warner. That's a massive advantage to other television opponents. They must have A LOT of power.

A LITTLE STORY: I use to post pro-wrestling columns. I posted on a story on Monday night, reviewing the show that night, and I talked about how bad it was and how the pay-per-view that was scheduled for that weekend, no one should buy and rather watch it on free stream instead of paying for it. I was pissed that night. Though, I was wrong for doing that. But during that Sunday of the pay-per-view, while I was watching on free stream, my cable went out... It wasn't because I was late on a bill or electricity went out in my building -- it just went out. Just saying... Oh, and I'm struggling dude, with a Verizon account.

Okay no more fooling around! Back to the leak photos. Staying on subject.

But I'm telling you how powerful these people are. And it's not impossible for them to get some people to hack into celebrities phones.

Though, what does that gain, when you hack into a celebrities phone and expose nudes? What does the media gain, for doing that? Topics to talk about! Topics for those crappy gossip shows NO ONE CARES ABOUT. Or, maybe, topics, for us to not focus on other serious topics. Like where's the officer who killed Mike Brown, from Ferguson St. Louis. Where's he hiding?

I mean, sure I would love to see nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens. What straight guy wouldn't!? But let's stop acting like these photos came from 'some guy' out there. I don't think we're that stupid. Looking at these photos, I like it, but then again we have to care about these celebs, because they are human. Just because they make millions, doesn't mean they like to be treated like animals.

Did these celebrities know about this? Was this a publicity stunt for them to put their name out there. Well, I don't think so, since Meagan Good had her boobs exposed and she's a very religious person and has a husband whose a preacher. So I don't know if should would do something like that.

But also, Good's husband, DeVon Franklin, is the Senior Vice President of Production at Columbia Pictures -- I don't know how someone that powerful could have that happen to them.

Maybe it's not the media. Maybe it's...the government... Oooooo. You know, those republicans were trying to ruin Obama's "Obama Care" website. Maybe they leaked those photos out.

If 'some dude' just decided to leak celeb photos, he would've been caught a long time ago.

Man, these people could do whatever they want... I wonder if they can get me a job. Just help me get a job and you can go back to hacking photos.