Derek Jeter should visit Jacob The Bar Mitzvah Boy

As we're closing in on Derek Jeter's last game and entering the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live", I think anyone whose a fan of SNL and the Yankees, feel that Jeter should come pay a visit to Jacob "The Bar Mitzvah Boy", a character played by SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer -- and say goodbye.

For those who aren't familiar with SNL, Vanessa Bayer plays Jacob, a Jewish kid who just passed his bar mitzvah (which I know nothing about since I'm not Jewish) and would always read his family traditions at the "Weekend Update" table. And from time to time, Jacob would bring up Derek Jeter's name and the Yankees, since he's a fan.

Toward the end of season 39 of SNL, which was last season, this time when Jacob would bring up Derek Jeter's name, instead of making a cheesy smile, he would wipe a (fake) tear from his face. Doing that, obviously, since Jeter will soon retire.

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NOW... How about if Jacob "The Bar Mitzvah Boy" is doing a sketch on the season premiere of SNL, which's schedule to be on September 27th, and Jeter shows up. Eventually, I think that's what will happen, I'm sure that's what SNL and Lorne Michaels is hoping to happen, and it would be fitting with SNL being in New York City and Jeter once hosting SNL, back in 2001.

The Yankees and SNL have always had a good relationship, dating back when George Steinbrenner hosted as well, back in 1990.

Only problem is, Jeter has a game on the 27th in Boston. The game time for that game is unscheduled, for some reason. So we don't know if it's a night or a day game. If it's a night game, it won't happen, but if it's a day game, there's a chance Jeter can still make a quick trip back to New York for a small appearance on SNL. Then he'd have to go back to Boston, for his final game.

Might be too much to ask. So I say he'd probably make an appearance the next weekend, which is the 4th of October. If there is a new SNL.