Joan Rivers: T.V Loses Major Star

Just when I really started to get into E's! "Fashion Police", this happens.

I kept visioning and hoping that Joan Rivers would come out of coma and come back to "Fashion Police" and make a million near death jokes, about herself. Because you knew that was gonna happen if she came out of it.

The way she went, really upsets me. Rivers wasn't battling a sickness or getting surgery because of illness. She was just having a toon up. But then, if she didn't have that toon up, she'd be still here. And it probably wasn't needed. Hell -- it wasn't needed, in my view.

Now we lose a prominent television star, in Rivers. We don't have many of those. We're gaining less of of those true television personalities and gaining more muppets -- people who are being told what to say, instead of being who they are and speaking their mind, like Rivers was.

Joan Rivers, for me personally, made hollywood gossip and fashion talk interesting. It's very difficult for me to talk about celebrity gossip on my site because I believe it's garbage and useless and half of is fake. But when I watch "Fashion Police", I didn't mind it. She was so honest and didn't give a damn who she was talking about; Joan wasn't a phone-bag like half of these celeb hosts/anchors.

Some people in show business can make joke about a celebrity, but it wouldn't sound right; or, it could sound very personal toward the direct person. When Joan cracked joke about you, she made sound like she was laughing with you. Making the situation that she'd joke about you, less serious than what it is. She'd tickle you with her jokes.

Joan helped others become stars in "Fashion Police". Because of the show, now I know who Giuliana Rancic and George Kotsiopoulos are and how unbelievably good Kelly Osbourne is in fashion; Kelly really knows her shit in fashion. Because of Joan, Kelly became a superior fashionista.

E! Entertainment lost a big one. Who knows if E! is gonna continue with "Fashion Police". I hope they still do. And it'll only be right for Joan's daughter, Melissa Rivers, to replace her mom on the show. That's unless if Melissa would be open to it. If not, that's okay. But she's the right person to replace her mom. She's the first choice. I know she's not gonna be as funny as her mom, but just have her there.

Gonna miss Joan. It won't be the same without her. Every joke that came out of her mouth had me rolling on the floor.

Boy, we lose Robin Williams and Joan Rivers on the same year. Does god want us to be serious and miserable, all the time?

R.I.P Joan -- You had a life that's dreamed by many.