If Cashman leaves, could Jeter take GM Role in 2015?

With this being Derek Jeter's last season and with the Yankees unsure about re-signing Brian Cashman to continue his long tenure job as Yankee general manager, could Jeter end up as the GM of the Yankees in 2015?

Imagine Jeter's last game at Yankee Stadium, while everyone is crying and clapping and saying their goodbyes, Jeter surprises everyone and announces he's not leaving and will be the new Yankee GM. Not impossible if you really think about it.

Now, I don't think he'd do it that way, with Cashman currently having the job. Also, personally, I don't think Cashman should go. He's done an outstanding job this season. Not even this season, throughout his whole career; yeah, he's had some hiccups. But some fans don't understand how difficult it is being Yankee GM.

Cashman works his ass off, he thinks outside the box and this season his acquisitions have been spot on. Chase Headley, Chris Capuano, Martin Prado and Stephen Drew have been all major key parts, so far in this season; those players have kept the Yankees in the playoff hunt. They really have.

I've never been a Cashman hater. But if I had to disagree with one move he didn't do, it was the Johan Santana deal when they could've traded Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy to the Minnesota Twins, in the 2007-08 offseason. Although, everything worked out well when he acquired C.C Sabathia the next year.

Jeter doesn't have to be a full-time GM. He could be a co-GM partner with Cashman. I don't know if that would happen. I don't know if Cashman would...like it.

Reason why I brought up the possibility of Jeter as GM, because the Steinbrenners seem unsure about Cashman's return. Adding that, with this being Jeter's last year and Jeter already stating he'd be interested in being part of the organization in the future, it's something that's not out of the question of happening.

Could you imagine Jeter calling Troy Tulowitzki in the offseason to tell him he's gonna be a Yankee. I mean, with Jeter being Tulowitzki's childhood idol, how perfect of a welcome would that be to Tulowitzki. If that happened, he'll visit Jeter with a Yankee uniform on, in the meeting.

I know for sure Jeter's gonna be part of the organization. That's a given. But as Yankee GM? Hmm...

Cashman has been a part of the Yankee organization for eighteen years. The Steinbrenners aren't gonna replace Cashman with some Joe Schmo. If they got rid of Cashman, it's because they're gonna replace with a well known name.

You know who Cashman is standing in those box seats, looking down at the games. Jeter would fit that image perfectly...