Brooklyn Cougars Win Kiwanis Championship

On Thursday night, the Brooklyn Kiwanis Baseball League had it's own championship game, with the Cougars defeating the Cadets, 7-2, as the Cougars captured the Kiwanis Championship.

Now I'm doing this post for a reason! And it's because the coach of this team is my cousin, Ismael Perez Jr. and his son -- whose also my second cousin -- Ismael Perez II, is a player on the Cougars.

Perez Jr. has been playing baseball for years. Capturing Brooklyn league titles, as player, from the mid 1990s and now winning titles as coach.

Perez Jr. (in the far right, standing) is a very talented coach. Could possibly be looking into coaching a minor league team, in the future.

His son, Perez II, who played a big role in the championship win said, "the win felt great" and is looking into "winning the PSAL Championship" as his next goal.

The young Perez has his eye on playing in the MLB, one day.