Robin Williams Should've Won Oscar for "Mrs.Doubtfire"

Yesterday's news on Robin Williams passing, probably ruined everyones' days. You come home from work, or getting ready for dinner with your family and then have to see this news.

Mainly to his fans. Even me, who felt sick after seeing that tweet around 7:00 pm, yesterday. I was one of those, who was very young, seeing the movie "Mrs.Doubtfire" and witness a masterpiece of a performance.

Every time that movie comes on, t'll this day, I always say: Robin Williams should've won an Academy Award for that art work. It was one of the greatest performances I've ever seen. I never seen an actor become a comedic genius and then show this deep emotional side in one movie, like Williams was in "Mrs.Doubtfire".

When you watch Jim Carry do a movie, he's funny throughout the enitre movie. Williams made you laugh and cry, in this movie.

The storyline was so strange, but yet, so heart warming. Having the dad of three children dress up like a woman, so he can see his kids more often, could seem weird to most. But then, when you think in reality about some dads who don't give a damn about their kids, you can somehow find this story to be beautiful.

Williams gave you everything in "Mrs. Doubtfire". It was simply an award winning performance. Forgetting to mention he plays two different people in the movie.

Although, in the 1994 Academy Awards it's understandable why Williams didn't win, since Tom Hanks won for his inspiring role in "Philadelphia". But Williams wasn't nominated. And should've been.

Oscar or no Oscar, "Mrs.Doubtfire" is and will always be a fan favorite to all of Williams' fans.

It's one of those movies where I you say: 'That's what I paid for.' We shouldn't live in a world where you become famous and rich by doing a reality show or a sex tape. You become those things by having talent, like Robin Williams. With hard work.

WHAT I'LL MISS ABOUT WILLIAMS?: When he would be a guest on late night shows like Jay Leno and David Letterman. When I knew Williams was gonna be on Leno or Letterman, it was 'must-watch' for me. Because I knew he was gonna put a show like only Robin Williams can.

Man... I legit grew up with this guy. I even went to school watch his performances, when my public school would play "Aladdin" in the auditorium. As kids, we cried laughing at his work as "Genie". The way he sang with comedy in that movie was genius. What a talent.

Amazing how a person that would force smiles on people's faces, couldn't force it to himself. Makes me respect these actors and actresses a little more.