Big Week for the Yankees

After last night's big win and series win, things are starting to look up for the New York Yankees.

It's amazing -- the position the Yankees were in last week, losing a tough series to the Toronto Blue Jays at home and losing to a bad Texas Rangers club on the road. They were about 6.5 games back in the A.L East and 3.5 games back in the wild card with three teams on front of them.

Now they're 5.0 games back in the A.L East (not much of a difference) and 1.5 games out of the second wild card.

That's why you have to be patient if you're a Yankee fan. Like I said before, there's so many games left for the Yankees to make a big push. One week in the MLB standings, can change drastically.

But the Yankees have to take advantage now, so that in September they can, maybe, put their feet up and wait for the second place team to lose for a celebration.

This is the week the Yankees can gain ground with just wins and not worrying what the Baltimore Orioles and Blue Jays do. Why is that? Because the Jays and Orioles start a three-game series this week, starting Tuesday. Yankees will gain games if they win.

Although the Blue Jays have a makeup game tonight, against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park. So the Yankees can gain a full game on the Jays with a win and a Jays lost.

If I had to root between the Orioles or Jays, I would root for the Orioles. Because I want the Jays to get out of the Yankees way in the division. I'm okay with the Yankees not gaining ground against the Orioles, since they have ten games remaining against each other.

Yankees just have to be in striking distance when they see them at Baltimore next week, on the 11th, when they start a big three-game series.

If Yankees win tonight, they'll be 4.5 games out in the division with the Orioles having a day off.

The Bombers start a four-game series tonight, against the Detroit Tigers at home.

Michael Pineda: Believe or not, Pineda is close to a return this season. He through a successful rehab start yesterday and, boy, would that be a nice piece added to the rotation. When healthy, Pineda can be a dominant ace for the Yankees.

Masahiro Tanaka: Well, Tanaka will play catch today. It's still a very long ways to a possible return, but the reports of him feeling better and better, each day, seem encouraging. Can't jump for joy until he's ready for rehab games.

Knock on wood (my privates :D jk), if the Yankees can get back Tanaka and Pineda, and they're somehow 1-game back behind the Orioles in early September, Yankees can win this division. Tanaka and Pineda on top of their rotation makes them instantly better than the Orioles and Jays.