Kemp to the Yankees? Yes. There's a Chance

I didn't hear what Michael Kay said, live, on his radio show, but I did read on Twitter about his idea on how the Yankees should go after Los Angeles Dodger outfielder, Matt Kemp.

And you know what, if the Yankees lose out on getting Marlon Byrd, Kemp to the Yankees can really happen.

If the Yankees acquire Byrd tonight, tomorrow or whenever before the trade deadline, I'd be happy as hell -- but you know what, Byrd is a 36-year old outfielder, whose signed for another year. Which means he'll be 37 next season, going on 38. That's an 'outfielder', in that age. Would the Yankees risk having another aging outfielder, who could be on his last legs? We're learning with Carlos Beltran.

The Yankees, right now, don't have that all-around great slugger, that they've accustom to having every year, since Alex Rodriguez came to New York. The only hitter with that status the Yankees can get this offseason, is Troy Tulowitzki (whose that 'all-around', no.3 or clean-up hitter in the lineup). That's not gonna be easy to get, via trade.

After Tulowitzki, they're no great hitters to be found. They're no free agent right-fielders the Yankees would love to roll millions to, this offseason. Tulowitzki is the closet thing to someone replacing a Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano. If they can't get him, where are they gonna go for that next superstar slugger?

Why not get Kemp? Sure, his contract is horrid to look at. But if he was a free agent in 2012 (when he signed that extension), the Yankees would've signed him for the same amount of money. Any team, whose interested in Kemp would've gave him a big contract. He was 26 in 2012 -- can you blame the Dodgers for giving him that contract, with the numbers he was putting up, in that age...

If Kemp plays like the MVP caliber player he truly is, the contract won't become an issue. Because if he plays to what he's capable of, then what's the worry? And when his contract ends in 2019, he'll only be 34-years old. That's not bad. By then, Mark Teixeira will be gone and Jacoby Ellsbury will have one more year left in his contract.

Kemp doesn't have a Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols contract. I'll take Kemp's salary over those two, any day of the week. Kemp can at least still play the field!

Listen, right now, the Yankees need an outfielder. We all know Ichiro Suzuki is powerless in right. Getting Byrd would be nice. I'd like him. He's got more homeruns than Kemp does. Though I just feel, that Kemp would make more of difference in that Yankee lineup than Byrd? Kemp is what the Yankees really need in that lineup.

I can vision Kemp hitting a clutch hit with the Yankees in the postseason. Like a double that brings in the go ahead run, in an extra inning game.

I really believe Kemp would turn it up, if traded to the Yankees. He will, become that MVP caliber player he once was.

Byrd might end up with the Cincinnati Reds. If so, where will the Yankees go for an outfielder? Josh Willingham? Meh...

If the Yankees don't get a pitcher, like a Cliff Lee, Ian Kennedy or John Danks -- then they're gonna have to get themselves a big bat and try to slug their way to October.

Yankee GM Brian Cashman can get frisky, here. The Steinbrenners could get a little impatient and want to go all out for Jeter's last season.

It's easier said than done, but Kemp in the Bronx this season, is not out of the question.