PHOTO: First Look at Kanye West X Adidas? just posted the first look at the "Kanye West X Adidas Collaboration".

When I first saw them, I said: ....Okay. Wasn't sold right away.

Looks like the model Kanye West is pointing toward, is more of a training style of sneaker. Like a Nike Roshe or Lunar, training sneaker.

The front seems pointy, like a pair Nike Air Max 90. They could be as comfortable as the Air Max 90. They sure look it.

I really like the back of the sneaker, where there's a slight zig-zag design. Kinda cool. It gives the sneaker some uniqueness to it.

I've said before, the bulky sneaker style is done. This style generation is skateboard, slim, fitted sneaker. I know some still buy Air Jordan Retros and Nike still makes a lot of money off them, but really, that style is over. It's all about mesh-material, fitted sneakers. Like Vans and Roshes.

We still can't officially judge or opinionated until we see the sneaker out in the open, first.