Can Yankees get Danks and Another Bat from Sox?

Baseball insider, Jon Heyman is reporting that the Yankees are in "early stages" in discussions, to acquire lefty John Danks from the Chicago White Sox.

Would love to get Danks. He's bot pitching great, but a change scenery could help and pitcher with a proven track record. Danks is also young, at age 29.

But can the Yankees acquire a bat from Chicago, as well? Would hurt to ask.

Yankees who are in need of arms, need some bats, too. And with the Yankees in-need of third baseman, how about asking for White Sox third baseman Conor Gillaspie.

Gillaspie hasn't been mentioned in any trade talks, but if I'm the Yankee GM Brian Cashman, I would ask about the young, lefty swinging Gillaspie, whose batting .322 this year. Not much power at all, with only 3 homeruns, but I like the .322 batting average and .373 OBP. I also like his short swing.

Another guy the White Sox have that's interesting is outfielder Alejandro De Aza. I remember last season with the Yankees to visit the White Sox, Alejandro killed the Yankees. Again, like Gillaspie, not much power, but he's scrappy, got speed and a good defender. That series last year against the Yankees, made me like him.

So who knows. Maybe the Yankees will just get Danks, which would be just fine.