Stuart Scott's ESPYs Speech: Greatest Moment I've Ever Seen on ESPN I didn't get to see Jimmy Valvano's 1993 speech, live, but I got to see this one. And this one was pretty special.

After watching Stuart Scott's amazing speech tonight at the ESPYs, he became my new inspiration. Not because he's going through cancer; not because he's a nice guy -- he's my inspiration because of his will to fight.

Scott's will to 'fight', is an inspiration by itself. 'Fight' is something in life we all have a hard time doing. Either it's a tough task to deal with sickness, sadness, fear, unachieved long-life goal, or can't afford to simply put food on the table. There's a struggling to every aspect in life. And to hear Scott 'FIGHT' (and I love to say that word) for his life, and do it with his type of confidence -- wow -- that's beautiful to see.

Lots of men, like Scott, aren't gonna show his weakness; especially on front of their family. Real men like Scott, are gonna put his family on his back and carry them through hardship. But to show this will by fighting cancer, with a daughter - crying and worried that she might not have a dad in the near future, is tough to do. It's tough seeing your baby girl cry like that. But he's pushing! He's fighting! Something we all are suppose to do in life; it's what life's about. And you're seeing man doing it at his best, for his family.

I didn't know Scott was doing well, lately. I knew he was dealing with cancer a couple of years ago, but I thought he was doing fine.

Though, I wouldn't be surprised if Scott beats this again. The man is too damn strong.

God bless you, Scott and his BEAUTIFUL daughters, Taelor and Sydni