Cole Hamels: 'The Guy' for the Yankees

Jeff Samardzija, Jason Hammel -- gone!

David Price -- costly and won't be traded to the Yankees.

Bronson Arroyo -- done for the year due to T.J surgery.

Cliff Lee -- good piece, but is a risk because of his age and contract.

That leaves the searching New York Yankees with Philadelphia Phillies lefty, Cole Hamels.

This is 'the guy' for the Yankees. Hamels is the only thing that's left (no-pun), that's close to what they're finding. He's got postseason pedigree, toughness and still relatively young. Only 30-years old.

He's also a lefty. Yankees need a lefty in the rotation, after losing their ace C.C Sabathia for the year.

Now, if the Yankees have to take Lee's contract in order to take Hamels, since they might not want to give up much, then so be it. Yankees need both. Don't worry about the money.

Do the Yankees need Lee? Yes, they do. But they need Hamels, more.

Fox Sports' Jon Morosi tweeted yesterday that Hamels can block deals up to twenty teams. Though the other nine, are free to acquire him.

This is the pitcher the Yankees have to go all out for. Because if they lose out on him, all they have is a 35-year old Lee. After that, there's nothing out there that's close of a worthy pitcher as Hamels.