Beltre Would Fix the Yankees Offensive Problems in One Swoop

Could the 38-50 Texas Rangers trade one of their main hitters?

I didn't even know the Rangers were 38-50 -- I didn't know things were going that bad in Texas.

With things going not as expected in Texas; playing in tough division with legit, first place team as in the Oakland Athletics, could the Rangers be sellers.

If so, there's one player the New York Yankees would love to have -- that player would be third baseman Adrian Beltre.

I was all in for the Yankees acquiring Chase Headley. But seeing the Rangers out of it early, and possibly becoming sellers, how can I not rather have Beltre at third and hitting fourth for the Yankees.

Yankees could 'need' a lot of players at this point. But a player like Beltre, is someone the Yankees NEED -- in capital letters!

Beltre is a hitter that would make this Yankee lineup complete. Not just because of his stats, because of who he is. He's a hitter pitchers fear. Something this Yankee lineup doesn't have. 'That hitter' pitchers have to walk with a runner in scoring position. Yankees don't have that player, right now.

Beltre would solve the Yankees offensive problems, quickly! You put him behind Mark Teixeira and the Yankee lineup becomes one of the most dangerous lineups in baseball, again.

He's got three years left on his contract; making big dough. This season he's making $17 million, next season in 2015, it'll rise to $18 million and it'll go down to $16 million.

Beltre is batting .335, with 11 homeruns and 46 RBIs.

He is 35-years old, which is alarming, but man, Beltre would fit nice with the Yankees and really help them in the second half.