Yankees Without A-Rod & Cano for First Time in Years

They were once deadly bats for the Yankees. Two bats that lasted for nine, ten years. Now the New York Yankees are without these big bats. How'd you replace that?

This is the first time in nine years the Yankees don't have Robinson Cano in second base. This is the first time in ten years, the Yankees don't have that threat in Alex Rodriguez, sitting at third base.

If you're a Yankee fan trying to find answers why the Yankees are having a difficult time scoring runs? Well there's your answer. No A-Rod and Cano.

Irreplaceable. Let's be honest -- Rodriguez and Cano were the only, most feared bats in the Yankee lineup, in the years they played in New York. These two were the ones who really carried the Yankees throughout the season, in the rough times when other hitters would struggle.

Derek Jeter has been great for the Yankees, but was never a power threat. Mark Teixeira has been a consistent player, but was never as dangerous as Rodriguez. Nick Swisher was another good consistent player, though never the threat Cano put against opposing pitchers in a clutch situation.

Now, I'm not saying the Yankees should've gave Cano a ten-year, $240 million dollar deal; that's something the Yankees are trying to get away from, since paying the price (no pun) for Rodriguez's massive 2007 contract. But, they have figure out a way to find 'that' superstar player back to New York.

I like Brian McCann a lot -- he's not 'that guy'. I like Jacoby Ellsbury too, but he's not 'that guy'. Carlos Beltran use to be 'that guy' but he's isn't anymore. Yankees need that no.3 hitter for Ellsbury to bat on front of, and for Beltran and McCann to bat behind in.

Imagine how good the Yankee lineup would've been with Ellsbury, A-Rod, Cano, McCann, Beltran. I bet McCann and Beltran's numbers would've a lot better, with Rodriguez and Cano in the lineup.

Yankees are missing these guys. And they missed Rodriguez last year, as well. If he'd started the season, Yankees probably would've made the wild card. Rodriguez didn't start the season in 2013 because the hip surgery.

Now they're missing A-Rod and Cano, who've been the Yankees' star players for almost the entire 2000s.

Opposing pitchers are pitching to the Yankees, without any fear, anymore. There's no one to -- really -- intentionally walk. To be honest, the only scary bat the Yankees have in clutch situation, is Ellsbury. And that's sad considering that he has no power.

Brett Gardner has been great this season; showing a ton of power. Though, he's not that player pitchers fear.

Yankees aren't gonna find that player this month, before the deadline. But they're gonna need to in the offseason; especially with this being Jeter's last season. Maybe that guy from Colorado, who also plays short stop for the Rockies, could replace Jeter at short. That guy could also be the Yankees' new no.3 hitter in the lineup.