Melo Soon Re-Sign? Gasol S&T for Bargnani?

The New York Knicks and Phil Jackson have butted the Los Angeles Lakers' courting party and are schedule to meet with Carmelo Anthony later today, in Los Angeles.

There's a good feeling around the league that Anthony could re-sign as early as tonight or later in the week. Though, I'm hoping, it's tonight.

But personalty, I feel optimistic about a deal happening soon.

If Anthony and Knicks come to an agreement, free agent Pau Gasol could come with Anthony to New York. But in a different way.

This is my idea: There could be a chance where the Knicks and Lakers agree to a sign-and-trade that would make Gasol sign with New York for more money and send Andrea Bargnani to the Los Angeles.

I know most would say: 'why would the Lakers help the Knicks get Gasol' -- well, I think the Lakers know Gasol wants to move on. Also, the Lakers have nothing appealing on their roster and might not be able to get anyone in the free agent market. So why not acquire Bargnani.

Bargnani is a big, who can score in many ways. With a healthy Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant, he could fit well. And most importantly, Bargnani has an expiring contract. He'll just cost the Lakers for one season.

For those who don't think Gasol isn't interested in coming to New York -- then why did the Chicago Bulls all of sudden go hard after Gasol? When news broke about him and Anthony pairing up in New York, Chicago began upping their interest in him.

I understand Gasol would have to take a major paycut, since the Knicks, right now, can only spend $3.3 million. But that's why I brought up the sign-and-trade situation.