Andrew Bynum Fits the Knicks' Plans

Before you say: 'Oh hell no!' -- here me out, first.

Right now, the New York Knicks do not have any bigs in the paint, after trading Tyson Chandler.

I know they have Samuel Dalembert from that trade, and is good rim protector. But that's just one guy. They need more depth in that paint.

That brings me to...Andrew Bynum.

Ever since getting traded from the Los Angeles Lakers, Bynum's career hasn't been the same. He's been injured and cut from teams, and also getting into a lot of off-the-court issues.

Maybe he needs his old teammate to guide him -- like, Derek Fisher, whose the new coach of the Knicks. And maybe, he needs to be around his old coach -- Phil Jackson.

With the combination of New York City, Fisher, Jackson and possibly Carmelo Anthony (barring he re-signs), that could turn around Bynum. He could get enthuse and play well.

Forgetting to also mention that Pau Gasol could be on his way here.

Of course, Bynum being 26-years old gives me hope he can still be good and help the Knicks, the main reason is, he has talent. This is not Greg Oden. This is player whose won championships and knows what it takes to win playoff games.

We all know star players win championships. But the main reason why the San Antonio Spurs won the NBA title is because of their depth. They depth beyond the range and in the paint. That's why they won the championship.

If Bynum does sign with the Knicks and came prove something and plays really well -- with Anthony -- the Knicks could be a force to be reckoned.

Bynum can't hurt the Knicks for a one-year deal.