Yankees Fallout: BELTS WON!

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Yankees Defeats the Orioles, 5-3, In Walk-Off Fashion

And there goes Carlos Beltran's first Yankee moment. Something, we all know, Beltran has always wanted to do in Yankee uniform, after watching his idol Bernie Williams do it time and time again, back in the days.

This Yankee group needed walk-off win where they can celebrate together. Reason why I say that is because of I don't sense this group hasn't jell together, yet; and it's understandable since it's a new team with players from different times of teams. They look together but not as cohesive as they should be. Though this moment here should help.

Who better than to have the quiet veteran, Beltran, have the walk-off three-run homerun. The guy whose done it in the postseason, who really wanted to come here in the offseason and whose respected in the clubhouse.

When the Orioles scored that 3rd run in the top ninth, I thought it was over. Yankees, all night, couldn't score another run after their first inning run.

In that bottom ninth, Brian McCann had probably the biggest at-bat. McCann, whose been struggling, takes the 1-1, 98-mph fastball from Orioles closer Zach Britton and hits the single that brought home Brett Gardner, to make it 3-2. That was a big hit. Reason why: Because McCann didn't too much with hit and gave others like Beltran or Alfonso Soriano a chance to come to the plate against a lefty.

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McCann knew he couldn't pull Britton's moving, cutting plus 90 fastball. If McCann would've tried to pull that 98-mph, trying to hit over that short porch in right, he would've ended the game in a ground ball out. But instead he was short with it, hits it over the shortstop for a base hit. Giving Beltran, a right hander, a chance against the lefty Britton; and had the better chance to win the game.

Soriano was on deck. If Beltran would've walked, allowing Soriano to hit with bases loaded, I would've liked Soriano's chances. I felt that Soriano was gonna win the game against the lefty if he had the chance.

Big win, big confidence boost, against a division rival.