If LeBron James is Coming to New York, It's This Offseason

Eh... Why not have one of these stupid trade scenarios of mine.

You know, some basketball analyst say, if LeBron James opts out, or if Carmelo Anthony and James play together in either Miami or New York, it's gonna be in 2015. I don't see that.

If James and Anthony are ever gonna team up together, it's gonna be next season. Reason why? If the Miami Heat gets to free up money this offseason to get other players, then why would James ever leave?

James has looked happy in Miami. If they get to free up now and get those players that they need, he's not going anywhere.

If Anthony opts out and goes to Miami, James is not going anywhere for the next five years. Nor is Anthony. And if Wade doesn't opt out and take less money, in order for the Heat organization to get other players to surround them, James might play elsewhere with another team. And that team could be the New York Knicks.

For Knicks fans (like myself) who want Anthony to stay: If he opts out, it doesn't totally mean he's not staying with the New York Knicks.

Anthony has to opt out and take less money, in order for that team (whatever team it is) to fit him in the payroll and/or to spend on other players/free agents. If Anthony stays with the Knicks, he's gonna have take less money; either for this season or next. Because if he wants another star player to play with in New York, he's gotta take less for that other player.

In order for the Knicks to sign James this offseason, Anthony has to opt to take less money, for James.

This is the year for James to come to New York. Not 2015. This year. If not this year, then it's never. Or, Anthony may go over to Miami to play with James.

Now, Anthony taking less money isn't gonna automatically bring James to New York. The Knicks are gonna have to free up more money. That means trading a Tyson Chandler. They're reports about the Knicks trade Chandler for a pick. Chandler's gonna make $14 million next season. That's gonna need to happen first if the Knicks wanna jump in on James.

How would this all happen money wise?

Let's say the Knicks trade Tyson Chandler.
 -That frees up $14 million.

Carmelo Anthony opts out.
-That's $23 million, freeing up.

Right there, the Knicks have $37 million to spend. Can $37 million get you Anthony and James? Well, Anthony did say he's willing to take less money in order for the Knicks to bring in another star player, to help win a title.

Anthony would have to take $7 million less -- so I would say $16 million. Then James can take $19 million. And that'll be only for next season -- after that, the next four or five years the contract can grow. Because the Knicks would have Amare Stoudemire coming off the books, whose making $23 million next season. That frees up money for Anthony and James to make more the next upcoming seasons.

I don't think Anthony goes to Miami. I don't think he's Miami 'guy' -- or a southeast 'guy'. He's more of a northeastern guy; from New York/Baltimore. But hey, I could be wrong. Because I'm not friends with Melo. Wish I was :D

This all depends on what Wade does. If he opts in and stays with that max money, the Heat are screwed. And Wade knows this is his last and final, big contract. He's not getting this money nowhere else.

James coming to New York, may feel weird to some New Yorkers -- after rooting against him and him not coming here in 2010 and all. But you know what, who cares. Once he's on the team (if he's ever a Knick), as a Knick fan, I'm gonna welcome him with open arms.

If James comes here to team up with Anthony this offseason, that'll be the biggest odds of us winning a title, in 20-years. He coming here is our best chance to see a title in the next five years.

Anthony knows something. When TMZ stopped him last week from that dinner he had with Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher, he had this smile on his face, that spoke excitement. I don't know if that meant anything, but I have feeling Anthony knows something good is about to occur in New York this offseason.

If James does leave Miami, New York or Los Angeles is the best next option, because of his brand. He needs a big market city to sell his brand.

If Wade decides to keep that money, will King James make his way to the mecca? We'll soon find out.