What Would Tupac Be Doing in 2014?

I'm sure that's the question many of us ponder about any decease celebrity, we've loved.

And on Tupac Shakur's birthday -- who would've turned 42 today -- I'm sure you question what would Tupac be doing in 2014?

Then we ask ourselves what would Jay-Z be doing in 2014, if Tupac were alive. Lol.

But if you ask me, personally, what would the greatest rapper who ever lived be doing in 2014 -- I'd say he would've stuck to acting.

No question, Tupac would be still doing music today, if were alive. Music was Tupac's first love. But man, could he act. People forget to realize what a great actor Tupac was. Any movie he did, from "Juice" and "Poetic Justice" he was amazing.

Tupac would've probably gotten a tad bored with music and tried to give full-time acting a try. It would've been more of a challenge of him; especially when there weren't any rappers hardly acting, or acted as good as he did. He also wanted to show the world what he had or what more he can so, instead of spitting on the mic.

I couldn't see Tupac doing "Babershop" or "Are We There Yet", or doing "NCIS" shows. He was too much of a method actor. He would've been in Oscar nominated roles. Movies that told lessons, or showed the reality of life. He could've been nominated for an Academy Award if he were alive. Hell, he could've been a director. I could've definitely seen Tupac direct movies.

Tupac was truly an artist and genius. One of kind. It's a shame that he was primarily known for his bad antics and not for his true talents. He was known too much for being just a great rapper, instead of also being known to be a great actor.