Derek Fisher Could Become Doc Rivers

I know I shouldn't compare a player whose gonna become coach, to a coach that's been very successful. But I could really see Derek Fisher potentially becoming a Doc Rivers.

Fisher might be on the verge of signing with the New York Knicks, as their new head coach. They're hoping (even I'm hoping) this gets done next week.

When the Knicks failed to get Steve Kerr as he went on to sign with the Golden State Warriors to be their head coach, I was upset -- but then I started to visualize Fisher on the court and how he mentoring the young players on the Oklahoma City Thunder in the playoffs, then imagined him in a suit on the sideline, I could see him becoming something special, if, he came to New York.

To be honest, when Kerr was rumored to become the Knicks coach, I was unsure if he had that fire to coach the Knicks. That energetic, tough, player-bonding personality that a coach needs in New York (or to be successful coach in general). Maybe Golden State is better for a personality like Kerr. Where Fisher, I believe New York is a perfect destination for him.

I can vision Fisher becoming a Rivers, where he's consistently screaming at referees about every call against the Knicks; with facial expressions and constantly active on the sideline. Fisher also has that 'do the right thing' persona, that Rivers has.

There's potential similarities with Fisher and Doc.

Fisher's won a lot. Not only he knows what 'a' championship win feels like, he knows what multiple championships feel like. Winning is all Fisher knows his NBA career.

Kerr has won a lot; has won many titles with the legendary Michael Jordan, for the Chicago Bulls. But when I heard that Kerr was talking to other former coaches, in how to coach, that's when I started to feel, that -- maybe New York City isn't right for him. If you're gonna come coach a pro sports team in New York City, you gotta be ready to manage/coach in your own style; and prepared for what's ahead. Kerr seems to still be finding his way.

Now, Fisher has never coached an NBA team, either. Although you can tell coaching is in Fisher's DNA from the way he carries himself and leadership he provided in OKC.

So we'll see what happens next week. Once the Knicks (hopefully) hire Fisher, things are gonna begin bright for the Knickerbockers and wheels will begin to turn. Like possibility Carmelo Anthony staying. And maybe....Phil Jackson's next target will be Kevin Love.