Can Knicks Sign Stephenson & Gasol?

If you can get these two for one-year deals, you gotta do it!

There's been rumors about free agent Pau Gasol possibly signing with the New York Knicks, for a one-year deal. That - I can actually see happening, since now Phil Jackson is running things with the Knicks and Gasol was coached by Jackson for four seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now, Lance Stephenson, whose gonna be free agent this offseason, is suppose to get 'big money'. But now with his playoff antics against LeBron James and the eastern conference in general, some say that he may have "lost millions" after the Miami Heat series where his team, Indiana Pacers, lost in six games.

If that's the case and it's true what the NBA analyst are saying about Stephenson losing potential millions, could the Knicks have Stephenson fall on their laps for, maybe, a one-year deal?

Stephenson is from Brooklyn, New York. Would he comeback home for cheap? That's barring any team having no interest in him. Because if there's gonna a line of teams wanting to sign Stephenson, you can pretty forget the Knicks signing him since they have no money to spend.

The only way the Knicks can free up money is if they trade Tyson Chandler and/or Andrea Bargnani.

For those Knick fans who wouldn't want Stephenson here because of his behavior, here me out on this: Let's say the Knicks bring in Derek Fisher to be the head coach. With Jackson running things -- Jackson and Fisher could be great mentors to Stephenson. I believe Jackson and Fisher have that personality and presence to turn a player around to a positive.

Another thing Knicks fans should know: The fact that he's been a thorn and annoyance to the Heat. Which is something the Knick fan should like, and what this Knick team needs to beat the Heat.

New York/Madison Square Garden would love Stephenson. His energy fits perfectly in a MSG playoff environment.

There's been recent talks about Carmelo Anthony staying with the Knicks and not opting out. If that happens, Stephenson has another reason to come play in New York.

With Anthony, Gasol and Stephenson, then you add the others like Tim Hardaway Jr., Iman Shumpert, J.R Smith, Amare Stoudemire, that's a pretty tough team to beat.

The Heat have a hard time guarding Anthony by himself -- imagine Anthony with Stephenson? With there size and speed, that's be tough to guard.

Would I love to see Kevin Love play with Anthony? Of course! But let's be honest, whose more experienced to winning: Love or Stephenson? Right now it's Stephenson. Love has never made the playoffs. Stephenson has twice came close to beating the Miami Heat in the eastern conference finals.

Let's say the Knicks sign Stephenson, then make the playoffs, get eliminated in the 2nd round, though has a very good season, then sign Rajon Rondo in 2015. With Anthony, Stephenson and Rondo -- that could a championship contending team.