Chris Rock Hosting BET Awards; Videos of VMA Openings

Yes, yes, call me late. I just found out a couple weeks ago that Chris Rock will be hosting the 2014 BET Awards on June 29th.

I'm always into the BET Awards; regardless if Rock wasn't hosting. But now that I know he is, it's definitely a must-see. Because if history repeats itself, and if you love Chris Rock, you'll enjoy the opening to the BET Awards this year. Plain and simple.

Growing up, I've always loved the MTV Video Music Awards. And part of that is because of the years Chris Rock hosted. Rock is literally the best ever to host the VMAs; I thought he should've hosted last year's VMAs when they were in Brooklyn, New York, at the Barclays Center, being that he's from Brooklyn.

If I owned MTV, I would offer Rock $10 million, each year, to host the VMAs.

Rock has done other award shows, like the Academy Awards in 2005. Although he couldn't be as raunchy at the Oscars, like he was on the VMAs. Even though I thought Rock did a terrific job at the Oscars, being that he had to watch what he said.

Would BET let him be explicit? I would think so.

This will be the first time Rock will host the BET Awards. I'm expecting the crowd to be rolling off their chairs and Rock is gonna have perfect jokes for this show; especially everything what's gone on lately in the pop-culture/music world.

Here's some videos, of past award shows Rock as done.

VMA's in 1997

VMAs 1999 (his best one)

VMAs 2003
Oscars 2005