N.Y Sports League Championship Wins. Through the Years

Tonight is a big night for the New York Rangers, as they play a Game 6 clincher, at Madison Square Garden.

League Championship game clinchers, are huge in New York City. With homes and bars stacking with family and friends, cheering for the home team. Through the years, us New York sports fans were lucky enough to witness many league championship wins. From the Giants, to the Knicks, to the Yankees, to the Mets, to the Yankees, to the Rangers, to the Yankees...  Lol

So I decided to put together short Instragram videos of those moments.

I didn't put the the ALCS games of the Yankee wins from 1996, 1997-1999, because I didn't want to Yankee-it-up too much and look bias.

1994 Game 6, Knicks, Eastern Conference Finals

2000 Game 5, Mets, NLCS

2000 Game 6, Yankees, ACLS

1999 Game 6, Knicks, Eastern Conference Finals

2007, Giants, NFC Championship Game

2012 Giants, NFC Championship Game

2003 Yankees, Game 7 ALCS

2009 Yankees, Game 6 ALCS

1994 Rangers, Eastern Conference Finals