Season 7, Episode 7: Don Draper Is Realizing Something

Watching every episode to season 7, I noticed in each episode, Don Draper is finding closure and peace.

He's finding closure and peace with every single person he's had a problem with. Either with his daughter, Sally Draper, and others like Peggy Olson. Though I realized after watching the last episode of season 7, there's more than closure and peace, Draper is witnessing.

Toward the end of episode 7, Draper's vision of Bert Cooper saying goodbye, was an epiphany. Cooper's death brought reality to Draper. Reality as in: If he keeps working 24/7 for the rest of his life, while his life and family flies right by him, you're gonna end up like Cooper -- which is not terrible, but is that really what Draper wants?

Cooper singing "The Best Things In Life Are Free", says it all. Which is, his daughter, two sons and wife, Megan, whose in California and she was hoping Draper would live there with her. Instead, he wanted to stay in New York for work.

Cooper's lyrics were the last words to Draper. Telling him: Don, my boy, worry about the important things life. There's more to it than money and power. Don't be like me, working t'll I'm old.

Draper is terrified of not working; terrified of being alone. Though, this is a man whose not alone. Whose got tons of family and friends who love him dearly. But he's afraid to leave work. Work is all he knows. Draper is not strong enough to let go and see what's out there instead, of just work.

To be honest: I don't even think it's about money and power anymore, with Don. It's just about plain old work. Having a reason to wake up in the morning. He needs to realize that he does have a reason to get up early in the morning, that's not work. And that certain reason is leaving back in Los Angeles, crying for him.

Draper finally realized it. Has it sunk in completely? We don't know, yet.

But we do know for sure is that Draper gotta reality check for the first time in his workaholic life. It's time for Draper to stop thinking about Draper. Which is easier said that it actually being done.