Yankees' Biggest Win Of The Year

Biggest win of the season, so far. It has to be.

The New York Yankees were on the verge of having another lost in U.S Cellular Field against the Chicago White Sox, after last night's heartbreaking lost, that involved David Robertson blowing his first save of the season, having this rotation in shambles and the Yankee offense not hitting a lick.

Putting that all together and the Yankees comeback by scoring three runs in the ninth to tie the game, then eventually getting to go-head solo homerun from Jacoby Ellsbury(whose been slumping), you'd have to think this win has, so far, got to be the biggest one yet. A win that can revive the Yankees.

There was fretting in Yankee land, with the team in general. If they would've lost this game, having to put all the weight on Masahiro Tanaka to win tomorrow's game, that wouldn't have been good feeling going into tomorrow. Especially with the schedule coming up, you don't want to facing a potential four-game sweep.

Not saying tomorrow's game is a lay-down -- not at all. But the Yankees have to feel confident going into tomorrow with their best pitcher on mound, in Tanaka.

With the offense struggling and having a questionable closer in Robertson who blew his first save of the season, after having Mariano Rivera close for seventeen years, the Yankees were looking unsettled.

Also, the Yankees could've easily taken two in Cellular FIeld. Possibly all three.

This comeback wasn't a gift rap, like the Cubs gave to the Yankees on Thursday. Yankees earned it. Even though they looked lifeless throughout the entire game, they definitely earned that comeback in the ninth. That was some good hitting -- all two-out RBIs hits, as well.

When Brian McCann came up to the plate, I felt he was gonna either tie the game or give the lead. I felt very good about McCann coming to plate in the ninth.

Even though Yangervis Solarte had to the biggest hit, my view, after his opposite field RBI single that brought it to a one-run game. Because once it's a one-run game, especially with two outs, a double from the next batter ties the game. And that was a nice piece of hitting by Solarte.

Give props to Vidal Nuno, the Yankee starter. Some pitchers who give up three runs in the first inning after having lost two games in the series already, tend to fold. And Nuno didn't. He competed and didn't give in, and also gave the Yankees much needed innings. That showed me a lot. I hope Nuno takes this competitiveness to his next start... Except for the three runs in the first inning, obviously.

Then there's Dellin Betances (who got the win). What else is new. The boy has been outstanding. Looking like the future closer, every time I see him. I liked how used more of his fastball today. And he has to -- Betances can't use the 11-to-5 slider in every game and count of an at-bat.

The White Sox blew this game by not having John Danks pitch the ninth. The Yankees couldn't touch him. They only have two hits against him. I could understand if he had 5-6 hits -- Danks was pitching a shutout. If the White Sox fall out of contention in July, Danks could be a good trade piece.

So the Yankees have to feel good about this win. Having Robertson blow his first -- or the Yankees having a closer blowing a save without Mariano Rivera --  with the offense really struggling, there was a worrisome feeling about the Bombers. Now Ellsbury gets the big homerun, the Yankees come through in all of 2-outs to score three runs in the ninth and Tanaka is pitching tomorrow.

If the Yanks take off from here on, this game could be the reason.