Does Kevin Love Have Leverage to Land in New York?

If so, he a 'Melo-2010' this offseason.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are looking into trading their all-star forward, Kevin Love, since he's already stated that he'll be opting out of his contract come 2015.

Now the rumors running rapid about the potential landing spot, for Love. We've heard the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers and (of course) the New York Knicks.

One of those two teams aren't gonna trade for Love -- I would think -- without him signing an extension. Those two teams are the Warriors and Celtics.

I don't see the Celtics, who are in the rebuilding stages, trading their picks for a Love without him signing extension. That'd be risking for Boston to do. They're not gonna trade future picks for a free agent to be, without signing an extension, then have him and Rajon Rondo leave at the same time.

The Warriors could risk trading for Love. They could take a chance on trying to win a title next season with a Love and Stephen Curry combo, or go far with him in the playoffs and maybe he'll re-sign with Golden State. But it looks like Love wants to sign with a big market.

The Lakers would have a major chance of getting him. Because of who is, where his family is from, and the Lakers being a big market. Los Angeles would be a perfect destination for Love. Although, is Kobe Bryant healthy enough to play for -- I would guess -- two more years so Kobe and Love could win a title or two, or a chance to win any. If not, whose Love gonna play with in L.A?

If there's any team that needs a bonafide offensive player to take to the top, its the Bulls. The Bulls are an offensive player away from being championship contending team. All their pieces are filled in. A Love, with possibly a healthy Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah -- that could be a no.1 seed team in the eastern conference.

But...would Love want to re-sign with Chicago? If you're the Bulls, would you risk trading for Love without him signing extension? YES. Absolutely, you do! Because the Bulls are an all-star, offensive caliber player away, from being in the NBA Finals.

Do my Knicks have anything to trade for Love? Yea... But do they have any picks? Would Minnesota want a 2018 pick with Iman Shumpert and Tyson Chandler?

If Kevin Love told Minnesota: 'Hey, I would only sign an extension with the Knicks' -- while other teams would be timid to do so without an extension, Knicks, all of sudden have a major shot to get him.

If the Knicks, somehow, get Love this offseason and re-sign Carmelo Anthony, can they both play together? They both play in the same position of power-forward. Unless Love plays center.

As a Knick fan myself, if the Knicks had ANY CHANCE of getting Love, I would LOVE it. Love would definitely help Anthony, when it comes to giving Anthony rest and not having to do much. But can they both help each other win a ring.

Both(Anthony & Love) are gonna wanna score. Though one is gonna have to help the other. And I think Anthony could become more of a passer (because he's a good passer) knowing he'll have someone 'good' to pass the ball to.

Love and Antony would generate problems to opposing teams with their size.

Getting Love on the Knicks, would definitely bring a star point-guard in 2015 -- ala Rondo.

As I close this: Now thinking about it this instant: the Knicks might need to get Love this offseason, not only to keep Anthony, but attract other free agent stars in 2015. Because there's a chance the Knicks could be looking for A star in 2015, instead of a third star.