Masahiro Tanaka Needs a Special Night

With the New York Yankees losing two terrible games to the New York Mets and losing six straight games against the Mets since last year, the Yankees need a big night.

What is that 'big night' I ask? Masahiro Tanaka needs to throw a perfect game/no-hitter tonight, at Citi Field.

If Tanaka threw a no-hitter tonight against the Mets, that would wipe away those two terrible loses and would energize the Yankees going forward.

This would be a perfect night for Tanaka to throw a no-hitter -- or perfect game. He's in Citi Field where he can get a lot of fly ball outs. The Met hitters haven't seen him. And even though they've scored a total of 18 runs in the last two games against the Yankees, they're not juggernaut offense.

Hey, any type of winning well pitched performance by Tanaka would be godly at this point for the Yankees. But what a way for Tanaka to introduce him to the Subway Series, than to throw a no-hitter against the Mets.