Kuroda & Colon: Still Got The Fastball

Maybe nearing or over 40-years of age, but can still throw the cheese. 
New York Yankee starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda and New York Met starting pitcher Bartolo Colon, are two of the oldest starting pitchers in the MLB who can still - amazingly -- throw the fastball. 

Kuroda and Colon will be tonight's first pitching matchup Subway Series of 2014. And if you're watching tonight's game, make sure you look at the radar gun for both pitchers on the mound. Kuorda, whose 39, and Colon, at 40, can still get the fastball up to the mid-90s.

Obviously, both pitchers can't throw 95-mph consistently anymore. Though for both starters at this age, to still throw this hard, is rare to see. There's probably some veteran relief pitchers today, who can still throw the fastball in the mid-90s, but they're not starters like Colon and Kuroda are.

Last week I was watching Kuroda pitch the Angel game in Los Angeles. Watching him paint 93-mph fastballs on the corner to Angel hitters. Then I realized how old Kuorda is. After that I realized: There aren't many starters at this age who throw that hard. Kuroda legitimately throws an easy 91-mph fastball. And when he wants to put more on it, he can get it up to 94, and sometimes 95.

During that game I began to look up other pitchers who can gas it up, at that age. Lucky for me I didn't have to look that far, since the other oldest pitcher -- older than Kuorda -- is Bartolo Colon.

With Colon, you have to take to consideration that he was test positive for PEDs a couple years ago. Although, I still find it amazing that can throw heat at 40-years old.

Not Kuroda and Colon can throw the heat at this age, it's a heavy. Their fastballs have a lot sink to it. I love to watch Colon throw his fastball. He's got a beautiful 2-seam running action to it, that's Greg Maddox-like. It's a thing of beauty to watch. And it's 92-mph.

Difference between the two is, Kuroda's fastball isn't his out pitch. Colon's fastball, is. Which for Colon, is even more impressive. Because he's mainly fastball/slider pitcher.

So for tonight's game, make sure you watch these vets who still got it!