Will Knick Fans Root for the Nets or Heat?

Being a diehard New York Knick fan this season, is rough -- as you may realize if you are or aren't a Knick fan. After being in the playoffs last year, winning 54 games and landed on the second seed, it almost felt like the Knicks were going to have a winning season every year. Not quite.

The only Knick action we saw was Carmelo Anthony in a top hat and Lala Anthony's boobs at the Met Gala.

Now, we have to see the Brooklyn Nets get into the playoffs, get pass the second round and face the Miami Heat. The team - that us Knick fans wanted to face in playoffs last year, if we would've gotten pass the Indiana Pacers.

Nets and Heat are two teams the Knick fans despise. But it's a series we'd have to watch, right? I mean, we love our Knicks but we love the NBA, too.

Though, what team does the Knick fan root for?

I myself, born and raise from Brooklyn, I love my borough -- and always will. But I can't root for the Nets, for some reason. And, yea, there's a reason, though I should be able to root for my borough and not the team. Epsecially against a team like the Miami Heat.

It's very hard for me to root for the Nets in the playoffs. Though, for some strange reason, as a New York Yankee fan, if the Yankees are not in the playoffs, but the New York Mets are, I'd root for the Mets. And not because they would play against the Boston Red Sox, I'd just like to see them win it all. Maybe I feel that way because Mets and Knick fans share the same heartbreak of having bad seasons and crushing playoff loses over the years. So I feel what the Met fan feels.

With the Nets, I can't just 'root' for them. I don't want to see the Brooklyn Nets win a title before the Knicks. If the Knicks won two titles in last ten years, I think I'd root for the Nets. Not when the Knicks haven't won a title since 1973 and the Nets have been in two Finals in the last 11-years.

So would I root for the Heat? Absolutely not! You're not gonna see me jump off my couch out of excitement after LeBron James hits a game-winning shot.

And I don't think Knick fans -- who hate the Nets -- will root for the Heat. They'll just root for a good series. Or, they could just root for the Nets for this series, only.

How about if the Nets did eliminate the Heat. Would that bring Knick fans to cheer on the Nets? Eliminating the Heat would be huge, obviously. It would probably impress the Knick fan to the extend of saying: Hey, why not cheer for these guys. Especially if you're a Knick fan from Brooklyn.