Mets Should Hire Jorge Posada as Manager

The New York Mets can't go any longer losing like this, with a manager like Terry Collins and an empty Citi Field.

The Mets are now 0-3 to start the 2014 season. Does that mean they have to press the panic button? No. But this Met team having an 0-3 start, with the way they lost the first game against the Washington Nationals, the Met front office might have to do something real quick before this team gets use to losing.

And if you're a Met fan, you don't want your team to get use to losing and become the 2013 Houston Astros.

If the Mets get off to a horrific start, where they only have one or two wins in twelve games, they have to get rid of Collins. The Wilpons cannot turn this season into a train wreck.

If I'm the Wilpons, and I just got rid of Collins, the first guy I would contact is Jorge Posada.

Have we heard anything about Posada wanting to manage a team in the future? No. But it doesn't hurt to try.

The Met front office could say: 'We're not gonna do anything big with this year not being 2015, and with Matt Harvey out'. First of all, if the Mets or GM Sandy Alderson, think any free agents would be attracted to come to Citi Field because they have money to spend, or because they're young pitching depth looks so great, then the front office is lost.

Not only the Mets need to attract other players, they need to bring their own fans to the ballpark, that already looks like a ghost town -- and it's only the third game to the season.

Posada as the Met manager would bring locker room presence; just like the presence he brought the Yankee infield all those years. Posada has a boss-like mentality and passion to win. And a 'passion to win' is exactly what's lacking with the Mets current locker room.

The Mets have a lot young, talented players coming up from the minors. Those young players need a manager with experience and a voice. Someone like Posada managing, would inspire those young players. Because a lot of the young players coming today -- not just Mets, in all of baseball -- grew up watching the dynasty Yankees and watching Posada win those championships, year after year. Young players would feel that Yankee mystic while Posada is managing the team from the top dugout.

Also, that young talent is mostly pitching. Why not bring Posada, a catcher, who saw a bevy of great pitching in the late 90s.

The Mets lack presence. Not only on the team, in those whole damn organization. Let's face it, this Met organization is asleep.

Look what the New York Knicks did this year. They couldn't get Rajon Rondo; they have no draft picks; the fans were asking for James Dolan's head -- so what they do? They hired Phil Jackson. They got someone with a winning pedigree to take over the organization. Dolan saved his team. For a moment, before the Jackson signing, it looked like the Knicks were headed toward a disaster. Not anymore.

Again -- I don't know if Posada would be willing to manage, or manage the Mets, but it wouldn't hurt for the Wilpons to give Posada a call.

It's funny: In 2008, the Mets got rid of Willie Randolph who got them to Game 7 of the NLCS in '06. Mets acted so bougie then, getting rid of a manager that quickly who succeeded that, to now acting like straight up losers and willing to take a 79-win season from Collins as a sign of 'good things to come'. Pathetic.