4 Things To Look For on Season 7 of Mad Men

Can Season 7 come any quicker?

The final season to Mad Men will begin on Sunday April 13th. And I'm sure all of us fans want to know what's gonna happen, with some secrets never been told, current relationships/marriage lasting and maybe...death.

Joan doesn't want Roger being the father of his own baby. She wants the baby (boy) to learn that his father is Greg -- her ex-husband who joined the army.

Greg hasn't come back...yet. Even though he left Joan and said he wasn't coming back, he could still return.

I feel that Joan should let Roger into the boy's life, and her's as well. It'd be good for Roger, to have a boy to take care of, and it'd be good for Joan to bring a man like Roger, who loves her very much - always has -- back to her life.

Joan and Roger always had a consistent, mutual love for each other, since the very beginning. You've seen couples go back and fourth on the show, but not really have the true love and FRIENDSHIP, Joan and Roger have.

I see this relationship finally ending up with Joan and Roger together and happily ever after. Who knows, maybe Roger purposes.

I think we all remember that abortion Peggy had, that was Pete's baby.

On season 6, Pete's mom had a sit-down with Peggy, and brought up the unspoken baby that left Peggy flabbergasted. Could this be a sign for season 7?

Throughout the seasons, I always hoped Peggy and Pete would accidentally bump into their child. Maybe the writers has that planned for season 7... God, I hope so.

How old you think the child be? They skip years on the show, so I guess it's be around 9 or 10-years old.

On season 6, it seemed like Megan and Don's marriage might be in trouble, when he told her he wasn't going to Los Angeles so that Don can be with Megan for her acting career; after he brought up the idea.

Although, I'm gonna say 'no' to a divorce. I actually could see this ending happily, and Megan finally getting pregnant. She is the right woman for him.

The only women that were right for Don, was Stephanie -- the girl who lived with Anna Draper -- or Faye Miller. I really felt he should've stood with Miller more, rather than Megan. She was mature enough and she took care of him. But age mattered to Don, I guess.

Miller was very heartbroken when Don told her - he was gonna marry Megan. To be honest, I'd like to see Miller comeback and end up with Don.

Will there be a "Breaking Bad" end to "Mad Men"?

Throughout the seasons we've seen Don Draper get really sick, or have these dark moments where he looks like he's nearing the end. Could that final sickness or dark moment he gets in season 7, be the last of Draper?

Could very well see Don take his last breath. I just depends on if we (the viewers) would feel satisfied with that. Or would the viewers rather he ride off the sunset with Megan.

On "Breaking Bad" we knew Walter White was gonna die. For the "Sopranos" we didn't know what was gonna happen to Tony Soprano; everyone's guess was: Tony's gonna die -- but we ended not ever knowing what happened. As for Draper, I think the fans still don't know what's gonna happen. It's up in the air. Which is a good thing.

My gut tells me he's gonna end up dying. Just because I feel that Mad Men is that type of show for an ending like that. Also, Draper is that type character, to have that ending.

Is there a possibility someone kills him? Like one of the women he cheated on? Or one of the husbands from these wives... That could happen.