Comparing 2014 A.L East Pitching Rotations

It's almost here! The beginning of the 2014 MLB season almost upon us. Now it's time for me to do what all the other jerkoffs do, and predict the season!

But instead of predicting the entire season, I decided to focus on the league I know best and where my favorite team is on, which is the A.L East.

I wanted to dissect the A.L East pitching rotation, from one through five, in each pitcher and team.

The A.L East pitching rotation this year, has a mixture of young, old, unknown and big game pitchers -- some of them who receive diamond rings... Yea, them...

Though, which pitcher from each role would take, from one of the five teams?

Let's get to the nitty gritty of these pitchers.

What Number Five Pitcher Would I Take?

Blue Jays - Dustin McGowan

Orioles - Bud Norris

Red Sox - Clay Buchholz

Rays - Chris Archer

Yankees - Michael Pineda

I'm gonna take Archer. He's only 25-years old and doesn't have much experience, but I love his potential. Last season Archer pitched a complete-game at Yankee Stadium -- which was impressive.

I didn't gonna take the others like McGowan, who hasn't been healthy for a couple years. Norris is okay as a no.5 starter, though Archer is better. Buchholz has been injury prone and Pineda is gonna pitch his first full season this year.

I could've taken Norris to be my no.5 starter, but I'll go with the 25-year old Archer.

What Number Four Pitcher Would I Take? 

Blue Jays - Brandon Morrow

Orioles - Miguel Gonzalez

Red Sox - Jake Peavy

Rays - Jeremy Hellickson

Yankees - Masahiro Tanaka

I'll take Hellickson. Only 26-years old and has been very consistent in his young career. Hellickson can do better in the lost column but you can live with him in the four. The Tampa Bay Rays feel good about a win every time Hellickson takes the mound, that day.

As for the reason why I didn't pick the others, it had to do with health, age and unknown. And yes, that unknown pitcher is Tanaka. I could've picked Morrow, just not after his missed almost the entire season last year. I don't how much Peavy has left and Gonzalez hasn't been good since 2012.

What Number Three Pitcher Would I Take?

Blue Jays - Mark Buehrle

Orioles - Wei-Yin Chen

Red Sox - Felix Doubront

Rays - Matt Moore

Yankees - Ivan Nova

I'm gonna take the pitcher from my hometown, Nova. I was gonna take another Ray pitcher, in Moore, but I don't know if Moore's arm is gonna hold up in his fourth season. With Nova, he's been through injury woes, bad starts, setbacks and manage to still pitch pretty well in his short career. Nova has also held down the Yankee pitching rotation when he was relied on.

Buehrle might be on his last legs, in his great career. Chen didn't have good season, before 2012. And Doubront is either really good or really bad.

What Number Two Pitcher Would I Pick?

Blue Jays - Drew Hutchison

Orioles - Jimenez

Red Sox - John Lackey

Rays - Alex Cobb

Yankees - Hiroki Kuroda

Another Yankee - yes, Kuroda. Why? Consistency! I could've gone with Cobb, but I like Kuroda in a big game. Has more experience than Cobb. The only thing about Kuroda is his age, though I have faith in him to keep a team in the game when he doesn't have his best stuff. Though I like Cobb.

I know nothing about Hutchison. Jimenez wouldn't be my no.2 starter at this point of his career. Lackey was very good last year, though I don't know he'll repeat that after being bad for a couple of seasons, prior.

What Number 1 Pitcher Would I Pick?

Blue Jays - R.A Dickey

Orioles - Chris Tillman

Red Sox Jon Lester

Rays - David Price

Yankees - C.C Sabathia

Lastly, as my ace, I'll go with Price. Young, consistent and has come up clutch in big games. Price has turned into a pitcher, over the years. Before I thought he was just this flame thrower, but through his young career he's become more of a pitcher, which makes him dangerous since he can ground you out and also -- when needed -- strike you out.

Tillman - nah. Lester is inconsistent, even though has two World Series rings. Dickey is good, but I like Price better, and Sabathia, I'm afraid to say, might be running out of gas. Sabathia can still be very good, just not good as he use to be. Price is the younger, experienced and stuff-wise, better pitcher.

So, it looks like this season, in my view, the Yankees and Rays will have the top pitching in the east. Right now, Rays have the the better pitching, but the Yankees could overtake them if Tanaka and Pineda can pitch to their capability, or higher than expected.