Photoshopped Jordans on Jay-Z, Kanye West & Macklemore

This coming Summer and Fall, Nike Air Jordan will release (in my opinion) three of the top retros. Jordan 3's (black/blue/grey) will release on August 16th, Jordan 6 (white/sport blue) on August 30th and Jordan 1 KO OG (black/blue) in the Fall.

Since these J's haven't been released, they're no celebrities wearing them. So we don't know how these kickz look on feet at this moment. But, I took upon myself to add these unreleased Jordans on the feet of the top celebs today... With a little help from photoshop :)

Air Jordan 6 (White/Sport Blue)

Rapper Macklemore originally had on the white/infrared 6's on this photo, but I removed the infrared and turned it to sport blue.

Either way I wasn't interested in these, since I'm not into white sneakers.

Air Jordan 3 (Black/Blue/Grey)

Jay-Z originally had on the black/red cement 3s on this photo, though I removed the red off the tongue and added blue, then added blue again on the sole-heel, where it was just plain black.

These really good! I'm very interested in buying the Jordan 3s. I always wanted the original black/red/cement, now I have a chance to get these; which are better. Also, it'll be the very first time this style of color will release on the 3s.

Adding them on Jigga, I like them even more. They will be tough to get, in August.

 Air Jordan 1 KO OG (Black/Blue)

Kanye West had on the red/black KO 1s on this photo, but I easily removed the red and added blue.

I LOVE these! I've always wanted the leather royal 1s, but the canvas material might be better, and different. Everyone else has the leather royals -- why not get the canvas?

The canvas material looks nice and fitted, compared to the leather OGs. The leather material can look a little too bulky at times. While the canvas material fits nicely on the foot and would look cool with fitted jeans.