#TBT Music Video of the Day...

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m3B060jo_o]
Tupac - "To Live And Die In L.A" 1996

One his last music videos, of his many greats.

No other music video made me want to live in Los Angeles more than this one. "To Live And Die In L.A", Tupac Shakur shows the laid back, love and exclusive dusk scenery of L.A; the dusk that only L.A has. It's all shown in this video.

You know how they show those "Come To California" commercials? Instead of showing those boring commercials to advertise the state, they should show this video. This video would definitely make people want to move to California, lol. Tupac, sure as hell, makes me want to live in California.

You notice how simple music videos were made back then, like "To Live And Die In L.A", and it still showed a lot meaning. If a rapper shot a music video like this today, it would be considered as cheap. Now, anyone -- me, you, your friend -- you can make a video like this, or even better.

I can go all day on why Tupac is the greatest rapper ever. But the one reason why he truly can never be topped, is because of his voice. Tupac had the most quintessential, rapper-voice I've ever heard. He was loud, clear, aggressive; you can hear his lyrics without even trying to hear it. Some rappers, you have squint your eyes and bend your head to hear what this person's saying. Not Tupac. You can multitask and still understand everything he's saying.

One rapper that comes close to him today, music-wise, is Kanye West. West is lyrically clear and has the perfect rap voice.

It's also a sad music video because it was one of his last, since he died later that year of '96.

R.I.P Pac