Top 45 Songs of 2015: I'm a Little Late

Very late! I wanted to do my top songs of 2015 much earlier. But all it matters is I posted...on January 2nd 2016 -- when people don't care about 2015 anymore.

As my first post of 2016 on Double A Street, it's my 3rd annual top songs of the year. And I must say, this year I didn't really feel there was a number one song. There was lots of numbers tens and fives. To me, there was a land slide song, or two or three songs that were hard to bump at number one. All seem very mediocre.

It was a good year for the new faces. Lots of new, young upcoming, true talent we saw in 2015, that'll for sure make an impact in the future. Although I do think there are some who made hits in 2015, who'll be one-hit-wonders.

But I don't wanna talk anymore, alright! I just wanna show you my TOP 45 SONGS OF 2015! Here we go...