Sonny Gray Moment: How Yankee Stadium Suppose to Sound lIke

Now this is what it's suppose to sound like in the Bronx! 

Ever since the new Yankee Stadium has been built, the one major problem the Yankees have always had was the crowd the not generating the same crowd noise the old stadium use to generate. 

And that's fine. Maybe it's because the stadium is built differently. Which is something you really fix overnight.

But the structure of the stadium is not the problem. It's the the non-fans who are attending the stadium. That's the problem.

With the Yankees playing in Citi Field, which they have the luxury to play in a full Yankee fan crowd, with tickets only costing $25.00 per. Low priced tickets in New York means the Yankees will play on front of REAL YANKEE FANS first time since playing the old stadium. 

The video above is exactly what every true Yankee fan has been screaming about since the new ballpark has been built. Sonny Gray striking out Kevin Kiermaier, with the crowd on the feet cheering and Gray getting pumped, after hearing TRUE New Yorkers cheer. 

In the Yankee Stadium, Gray would've never gotten excited because those so-called "Yankee fans" would've not known what the hell was going on. 

People Go To Yankee Stadium And Don't Know What's Going On 

This season I went to a Yankees-Reds game in Yankee Stadium. I sat way, way high up. And there was a large, number of European folks. Who I'd bet money, who don't even know who Michael Kay is. 

I'm fucking tired of seeing non-Yankee fans or Euros, at Yankee Stadium. No offensive to them - but you know what, they would've like a large group of Americans going to their rowdy soccer games and boring it up. I'm thinking they'd want their own fans, as they should, just like how I and us Yankee fans want our own fans attending the stadium. 

This is what I admire about Citi Field. They have their own fans attending the ballpark; when the Mets were hot team in the past two seasons, they had METS FANS -- fans who watch every game and know what's going on. They have locals attending games -- unlike the Yankees who have Euros who have no clue whose playing and are ruining the the team's culture. 

Gray reminded me of Matt Harvey in the postseason. Harvey looked so cool when he roared after a strikeout and Mets fans were going nuts; I want that again! And I shouldn't be asking for this a Yankee fan! 

Seeing Gray pumped up like that, is something you want to see in Yankee Stadium. Crowds like this adds a little fire to the player. 

The Yankees need to bring back true Yankees to the ballpark, again. Do what's right.