Eli Manning as "The Beach" (Cosmo Kramer's idea)


Sexual, athletic ... without a trace of self conscuiousness. 

The words that were said when Eli Manning was auditioning for the new (or old) Clavin Klein clinique ad. It's almost the same words they used for Kramer, when he picked for the ad, back in 1992. 

But no, this isn't really Eli. Just a hype caricature sketch for today's New York Giants opener against the Dallas Cowboys. 

And the reason I used a Seinfeld theme is because Eli is actually a big Seinfeld fan - like I am. Also this episode which is called "The Pick", where Kramer had an idea for a fragrance called "The Beach" where you smell like you just came from the beach. But Clavin Klein stole the idea, causing Kramer to go see Clavin personally and Clavin brushed off the anger Kramer had with an opportunity to do an underwear photoshoot.