Yankees look dreadful but still have shot to win east

Yes, the Yankees have looked as bad as possibly can, but in the position they're in, it's still early for them to win this division. 


Us Yankee fans are feeling like: it's wild card or bust for this team, at the moment. Especially losing another series and being 4.5 games back to the Boston Red Sox in the American League East Division. 

But it's August 10th. They have somewhat of a comfortable lead in the wild card and it's still too early to call the Yankees out in the division. 

If you've watched baseball for long time like I have, you know that on August 10th, being 4.5 games out of the division, you are never out of it. Especially on August 10th! How many times we've seen teams make runs in September. 

Even if the Yankees were one game out of the A.L East, it still doesn't mean anything, because they can lose that with one - really - bad week, with a combination of a hot Red Sox streak. It's still very early.

Unfortunately, that 'bad week' and 'hot Red Sox streak' is happening now. But the way things are going, that's not bad thing. 


Some people may think the Yankees are in a terrible position to see the streaking Red Sox, who've won eight-in-a-row. But this might be perfect time for the Yankees to see the Sox. 

Yankees come back home from a tough road trip; they're gonna see hot Sox team and for the first time they're gonna feel like the underdogs. So we might see a loose Yankee team. 

Couple of positives for the Yankees this weekend against Boston:

  • No Chris Sale, which is huge. Still, might not mean much with the way they've been hitting, but you always take 'no Sale'. 
  • Red Sox have won eight games in a row and are due to lose a couple.

Boston is due to lose a couple. Another reason why I think the Yankees aren't out of this race is for the simple fact that I think the Red Sox aren't that good. The Red Sox have one dominant figure in that team and that's the ace of the staff - Sale. 

The Yankees offense can be way better than the Red Sox offense. The starting rotation, the Red Sox have the edge. But the Yankees have a better bullpen; they can shorten a game. 

If the Yankees can two from three from the Red Sox this weekend, they'll be 3.5 games back. God willing, if they sweep, they'll be 2.5 games back which would be huge. 

By next weekend, when the Yanks meet the Sox at Fenway, the Yankees can't be more than 3-games back. Because after that, they'll see the Sox again in August 31st, September 1st and 2nd - and they will be the last time the Yankees will see them again this season, barring a playoff matchup. 

Also another positive for the Yankees is, they're 6-3 against the Red Sox this season. So if they end up with a tie record at the end of the season and the Yankees still have a better head-to-head record, they automatically win the east.