A Win that can head them to the right place

Get it!? 'HEAD THEM' to the right place?


Enough joking around and let's talk about a must needed win for the New York Yankees, and they win a game they normally lose.

A team that has lost twenty one-run games, won tonight, 2-1, against the Cleveland Indians and everyone I'm sure was waiting for Dellin Betances and Aroldis Chapman to blow it up, but they didn't and when you add David Robertson to Betances and Chapman, we finally saw how dominant this talented bullpen can be. 

Ever since that immaculate inning Betances had against the Detroit Tigers, he's looked very sharp. He's working quickly; doesn't step off the mound, repeatedly, like he did when struggled. 

Betances' stuff is so good, he doesn't really need to aim it. His stuff in that nasty. That's why I couldn't understand why he was struggling so much in July. 

As for Chapman, Jose Ramirez nearly tied the game ninth, but thanks to Brett Gardner who made a tremendous leaping catch off the wall, that took away double from Ramirez. 

But all and all, Chapman competed and got out of the inning with a win and was pretty fired when he struck out Carlos Santana looking on a slider that darted on the outside corner, for the final out. Normally don't see that from Chapman. 

Then going backward to Robertson, who replaced Jordan Montgomery in the sixth, who only had 65-pitches at the end of the fifth. But manager Joe Girardi elected to go to the bullpen early, since they were well rested. 

Robertson pitched two clutch innings and most likely won't be available tomorrow. 

Montgomery, for rookie, has been very impressive with runners on base. He seems to really bear down and mentally cools under pressure. Very impressive for a rookie. Yes, he did give up a solo homerun to Santana, but after he shutdown the Indians. 

If the Yankees make the postseason, I can see Montgomery opening eyes. He could do what San Francisco Giants Madison Bumgarner did in 2010, when he bursted upon the scene in the postseason and World Series. 


Like I said, the Gardner play saved the game, Ronald Torreyes, little over the shoulder catch in the ninth, but also Aaron Judge holding on runners at first. They were a lot of balls hit to right field that are normally doubles and Judge made sure every single one of those hits became singles. 

Judge may not be crushing balls at the moment but his arm in the outfield is helping the team just as much.


Thankfully, Chase Headley hits that timely solo homerun, because the offense wasn't there, again. 

Headley hasn't had a bad year. It's just - he doesn't have double digit homeruns, in a season where even Gardner almost has twenty homeruns. But he hasn't been bad at all, really. And you don't wanna remove him from the team because he seems like great clubhouse guy to the younger players. 

We all know the Yankees aren't gonna score ten runs a night, but what's alarming is the way some of the hitters look. 

Torreyes cannot play everyday, anymore. Pitchers are exposing him, mightily. 

Gary Sanchez continues to have this breaking ball, cold zone. Swinging at pitches, way out of the strike zone.

And it's difficult to bash Sanchez because I've seen hit some of those breaking pitches off the ground for base hits and doubles. But now pitchers are making sure he's not reaching to them anymore. Pitchers are now throwing that breaking away from him and he keeps going for it.

If Sanchez can learn how to be patient, which is part of the growing pains with young players, he can be very dangerous. Not only this guy has the power but he can be a doubles machine. He's gotta make pitchers, pitch to him. 

Judge is now swinging or fouling off balls out of the strike zone. In today's game, he could not lay off that fastball running up-and-in. He continues to foul that pitch off. Also, he's been sorta talking to himself a lot; trying to calm himself down. Unlike Judge from earlier in the season. 


Tomorrow in the rubber match, Yanks will throw out -- let's face it, their ace -- Luis Severino, and the Indians will pitch right-hander Carlos Carrasco, whose having a solid year, with a 10-4 record but pitching to a 3.89 era. 

Yankees need to have their a-lineup tomorrow night. Get a win and get out of Cleveland.