If Yankees Can Get Bird & Castro Back, Would Be Huge Boost

In April and May, it seem like it was difficult for the Yankees to not score a run. Now they can't seem to get a runner home, from an out. 

Boy, would this be a huge boost. Getting Starlin Castro and Greg Bird in August would be like mega blockbuster deal in August. 

The injuries to Castro and Matt Holliday have been a killer for this team. Reason why, is because when Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez had an off night, Castro and Holliday backed them up. Castro and Holliday took the pressure off the two youngsters and it was the reason why the Yankees got to that hot start. 

When everyone was focused on Judge, Castro was quietly having a great year, until he pulled his hamstring. Then he came back from the D.L after the all-star break, then went back on the D.L shortly after.

This teams needs a bat like Castro who can not only hit for power but for average. That's what makes him so dangerous; he can hit a homerun or hit ball into the opposite field gap. And the contact hitting is what this team is missing. 

Unfortunately, Holliday won't be back with Castro, but the Yankees may get back Bird - which would be a pleasant surprise. 

Like everyone else, I thought Bird was done for the season. But it looks like he's rehabbing well and Bird seems very optimistic about coming. 

If Bird can do what he did back in 2015, when he first came up to the majors and ended replacing Mark Teixeira for the remainder of the season, that would be huge. He brought a young spark to an aging club; something the Yankees haven't had since Robinson Cano.

In 2015, in 46 games, Bird had 11-homeruns and 31-RBIs. 

If he can do that again, he'll certainly help. 

And the Yankees could use a left-handed power bat in the lineup. Most people may think this Yankee lineup is better than the previous years because of the right handed pop and not having to rely on lefty bats abusing the short porch in right. 

But I kinda disagree. At times this season the Yankees could've used a lefty power bat who can change the game in one swing. When trailing a run in the 8th or tied in extra innings at home, a lefty bat like Bird can win a game. 

We saw Bird hit a lot of big homeruns in 2015. Clutch hits. Bird, at times, won game for the Yankees.

Castro and Bird don't have to break records in when they come back. They just need to do the little things offensively for the Yankees; the things this team lacks. Like getting a sacrifice fly or groundball out with a runner at third base - home less with than two outs. 

If Castro and Bird are healthy, they will be forces in the lineup. There's not even a question about it.