Will Jaqen H'ghar be Revealed as Rhaeger Targaryen at the Season Finale?

Talk about a season finale that's probably about to break record ratings. 


This Game Of Thrones season finale is the most anticipated episode since the show began. 

But if you ask Thrones fans why this Sunday's season finale is most anticipated, is because - it looks like - we'll finally get to witness a flashback of Rhaeger Targaryen and how he kidnapped Lyanna Stark.

Now, they're some rumors that Rhaeger will be played by a no-name actor. But if that happens, wouldn't that be very 'ho-hum'?

The writers of Game Of Thrones kept Rhaeger invisible, with no picture, no statue, through seven seasons; writers have made Rhaeger so mysteries and protected from being revealed to who really is and they're just gonna put a rookie actor to play this mega character? 

That's why the old theory of Jaqen H'ghar being revealed as Rhaeger Targaryen would make sense to me. That would be the ultimate shocker. 

Like I said, a rookie actor playing Rhaeger wouldn't do much. We already know the story how he stole Lyanna and Eddard Stark went to go get her and came back with baby Jon Snow, etc. 

The interest in Rhaeger is: Who Rhaeger is. 


I can point out the obvious everyone else has stated.

  • Jaqen having a blonde streak in his hair, possibly covering his full blonde hair that Rhaeger has been in his description.
  • How Jaqen taking Arya Stark under his wing, looking very similar to how Rhaeger was attracted to Lyanna. Oh and by the way, Lyanna and Arya are both Starks. 
  • Jaqen has a very peculiar personally, just the way Rhaeger was described to be. 

Now, in the story, Rhaeger is dead. But with the talent of Jaqen where he can change faces, maybe when he was killed by Robert Baratheon at war, Rhaeger changed faces and the person Robert killed wasn't Rhaeger.

Another key I noticed about Jaqen where he can relate to Rhaeger, that might be a little bit of a reach, but I find interesting. 


Rhaeger was known to be a reader; someone who loved to read. 

And Samwell Tarly, the good friend of Jon Snow, is also known to be such a big reader in books, he began working in the Citadel Library. 

Jaqen, shown above - skinning someone's face, as if he had studied it.

Just like how Samwell studied how to remove the skin disease from Jorah Mormont.  

Another reason why Jaqen maybe Rhaeger, because Rhaeger loved to read and maybe learned how to cut faces from a book he studied. 


From the way he took in Arya and taught her to be this amazing fighter and killer, is huge in this storyline. 

And his ability that he has to change faces is a strong suit. Just as strong as Queen Daenerys and her dragons. 

One minor thing about Jaqen, that Rhaeger has, is the long her. He seems like the only male throughout the show that long hair AND with a blonde streak; and that blonde streak is a huge detail, since Rhaeger had all white, long hair. 

This Sunday's finale might very well show a flashback of Rhaeger, BUT, the flashback might not show the actor who plays Jaqen, Tom Wlaschiha, since they'll play a younger Rhaeger, just like how they played a younger Eddard in the flashbacks. 

Well...the moment of truth could be this Sunday.